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Maglev Dice Table

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This idea was inspired by [doctorremuac3]'s "Self Rolling Dice" - but these dice do not roll themselves. This idea posting is more to describe a table mechanism rather than a specific gaming style.

The tabletop is flat, circular with a raised sidewall to keep the dice from bouncing out. It does not appear to move or vibrate. However, just below the surface is an aluminium plate attached to a variable speed motor. The dice are plastic and have very small cup magnets embedded at each corner, all of them with north facing outward so the dice themselves won't stick to each other.

When someone tosses the dice, the platter beneath the tabletop spins up to a couple thousand RPM so induced currents keep the dice from even landing (at first). The rotation is gradually slowed and eventually stops. This in turn lets the dice skitter and bounce across the table at a decreasing rate - and when the platter stops spinning the dice will also come to rest.

The assembly should be built into a model of the Great A'Tuin, with The Disc mounted on its back. Players can argue if it is the table or the turtle that moves.

a1, Nov 04 2022

Not this https://www.boogidice.com
[a1, Nov 04 2022]

Nor this Self_20Rolling_20Dice
[a1, Nov 04 2022]


       hmmm, I wonder if dice would remain trapped in standing wave nodes of cymatic vibrations.   

       I think it's likely the dice could get pinned in place or a semi stable "orbit"- eventually - IF the disc rotated at a constant speed. But the initial instability of the throw and randomness when the magnets got close enough to the plate to start generating eddy currents hopefully wouldn't get damped out in the time it takes the disc to spin down.
a1, Nov 04 2022


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