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Mask delivery of psychoactive drugs

Nobody needs to see your spaced out grin ...
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A slightly less serious take on my earlier idea of delivering skin medications from the surface of a facemask.

Infuse inner surface of face mask with addict's choice of any psychoactive for transdermal administration. Nicotine is the first that comes to mind, already in widespread use in patch form. But why stop there when there's LSD, DMT, and so on?

Pick your poison...

kdf, Jul 27 2020

Mask with skin medication Mask_20with_20skin_20medication
The original germ of this idea ... [kdf, Jul 27 2020]

Drugs that may be administered transdermally https://deserthopet...ethods/transdermal/
[kdf, Jul 27 2020]


       Acid. Micro-doses. PLEASE
blissmiss, Jul 27 2020

       Yes, transdermal LSD is certainly an option.
kdf, Jul 27 2020


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