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McGurk Effect Autocorrect On The Telly

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When someone swears on telly, instead of bleeping them out, we have the technology now to replace what they said with a harmless audio and visual substitute.

The McGurk effect combined with autocorrect should allow harmless entertainment even if some uncouth cent comes on and uses strong language. The audio only would be resynthesised into some harmless verbiage which through ambiguity is compatible with the apparent lip movements.

Ian Tindale, Nov 24 2015

askcharlie https://www.youtube...a4XxFJ7KniKPi2n53zQ
YouTube Channel with Lips [AngelEleven, Nov 25 2015]

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       Have u ever watched askcharlie on youtube. one could mask lips as well.
AngelEleven, Nov 25 2015

       There is an opportunity here to market these brief segments of prime airtime to advertisers whose products neatly fit, syntactically and lip-synchially, into the video-stream. Thus, one character might shout abuse at another, calling him "You fizzy Coke!" or "You fairy cake!".
hippo, Nov 25 2015

       That sounded like porn to me. Or they sneaked it in one movie. The teacher paused a movie and right there it was for all to see.
travbm, Nov 25 2015

       Great minds think alike… <link>
ytk, Nov 25 2015

       Ah, but yours appears to be manually post-produced, whereas this uses the magic of autocreretbt .   

       Plus, yours is about skirts, isn’t it?
Ian Tindale, Nov 25 2015

       The technology doesn't currently exist to transparently modify spoken words like that in real time, though. Speech synthesis is still fairly primitive, and requires hundreds or thousands of carefully recorded and processed samples for each voice you want to synthesize.   

       And I prefer the terms “dames” or “broads”.
ytk, Nov 25 2015


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