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Mechanical Hair Remover

Remove your hair
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In the future you may go out to some shop and buy a shaving device. It can happen when you think; "I can no longer have the luscious locks I once had". Or, it can happen when you are tired of your hair getting tangled and difficult to brush. Additionally, it can happen if you have been told to cut your hair. Fourthly, it may be something you do just a half hour prior to a date with a beautiful, well-groomed woman, to ensure you are trimmed since you forgot earlier and things got out of hand. And you will attempt to do it, with a bad mirror, and a left as well as a right hand.

Anyways, in those situations normally you will introduce a pattern in the hairstyle, that can only be remedied by a lowest-common-denominator style approach.

You can't recover some mistakes. Even if every corner is made square, or 19.5 degrees. What would solve it, is if your razor had, instead of those cheap plastic snap ons, a fully dynamic, solenoid driven system whereby the depth of the cut, is managed for you.

So imagine a razor with each blade of the comb driven by a solenoid. They can slide up and down to produce various depths of cuts at various angles. The combing blades have small metal wheels in them, that can record distance.

I'm going to avoid entirely the optical tracking approach here. That is completely doable as well.

So instead, on this device, you have a number of custom presets for the solenoids. This means, you can manually make a nice preset, and save it as 'ear preset', when you go around your ears. A button 'mirrors' the angle when you let the stranger take over for your -- depending how criminal you are -- symmetrical other side.

It beeps as well, as a good instrument. Driven by the wheel rotation, it beeps and adjusts the angle and depth of the cut so you can do the back of your head for nice fades. The beeping is for additional verification. Therefore, you can do accurate 2-inch graduations of hair length, on either side of your head. There is also a feature where everything articulates and beeps as you expect, but no cutting is made, to ensure you get your timing down.

It's not going to guarantee you can propagate your genes with the results, but it might help.

Additionally you can chuck all those little plastic bits that end up getting lost anyways.

mylodon, Jun 24 2014

What the title reminds me of... https://www.amazon....f=pd_sl_u9vt6x3p9_e
[RayfordSteele, Sep 29 2017]


       solenoids are? I'm too lazy to Google.
blissmiss, Jun 24 2014

       Weren't the Solenoids the creatures who lived inside the moon as described in the H.G. Wells story "The First Men in the Moon" of 1901?
xenzag, Jun 24 2014

       They're basically the same thing as adenoids
hippo, Jun 24 2014

       So tonsils. Hmmm.   

       //So imagine a razor with each blade of the comb driven by a tonsil//   

       Translates well, me thinks.
blissmiss, Jun 24 2014

       A solenoid is a small, short stroke electromagnet, with a moving core, usually used as on off control, such as in pneumatic valves. With a sufficiently expensive control system, they can be used for precision positioning, but that is relatively rare.
MechE, Jun 24 2014

       So, a borderline intelligent EpiLady ?
normzone, Jun 24 2014

       Tssch. All this effort, but I know of nobody with mechanical hair.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 26 2014

       Mine seems to be more electrical in nature. Then there are some whose hair exists in entirely the imaginary plane.
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2014

       Just because _you_ have virtual hair, [MB]
pocmloc, Jun 27 2014

       A lot of people have virtual hair, it's called posting someone else's picture as yourself.
Skewed, Jun 27 2014

       A solenoid is a mechanical switch which incorporates two contacts, held apart, and an electromagnet. When the electromagnet is turned on it pulls the contacts together, when it's turned off the contacts fall apart again. It's a switch operated by another switch. If you turn a switch on or off and hear a "clunk" coming from somewhere else, that's usually a solenoid arrangement: the switch you operated was just the one to power up the electromagnet in the other one.   

       That being said, I think [mylodon] means "stepper motor"
FlyingToaster, Jun 29 2014


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