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Messages from Mum

'Brush your teeth!'
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On UK highways there are regularly light boards above the road, which display messages such as 'Congestion ahead' or 'Tailback after next exit'. When there are no tailbacks, they should still be watching over the drivers to keep them happy. Just imagine driving down the highway to see a sign asking if you put on clean underwear this morning? Or telling you to wash behind your ears. It could be very useful to be reminded that aural hygene is still important, even though you are a travelling vacuum cleaner salesman.
miasere, Mar 31 2003

How about some honest messages too... http://www.tardsite.com/creamed.htm
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Half Baked http://www.halfbake...onal_20Road_20Signs
Beat yer to it! [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Ha! Love it. Are these messages personalised or general? Pay service for important and not-so-important messages maybe - 'Gary - it's a boy!' or 'John, can you pick up a bottle of wine on the way home?' halfway up the M1.
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       I tried not to put that on, as that was done on a tv add. I was thinking more random stuff, like just having one saying "psst...your flies are undone"   

       See how many people check
miasere, Mar 31 2003

       Gone for a pint.I'll meet you at the Rising Sun.
sufc, Mar 31 2003

       The ad you're talking about - was that BUPA or something? I think I remember it.
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       Lets not forget the all important, "have you called your mother lately?" sign.   

       BUPA did one, and a communications company, who did specific messages. I think.   

       If you could personalise it, you could scare the hell out of people by saying - Steve, your mum is in hospital. Al the Steves of the M25 descend onto hospitals around the country
miasere, Mar 31 2003

       Imagine that - a nationwide recall of 'Steve'. Useful if we notice that all Steve's have a built in error that must be fixed.
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       I love this idea (+). It can also be focused on something else: I think our lives are filled up with all those little things that we usually don't think of, but are what really make us happy. The messages could point out those small things to the drivers, and bring a smile to their faces.
Pericles, Mar 31 2003

       Recall on all Steve models from 1972 to 1974, serial codes Robert to Smith due to a fault causing the possibility of a mullet developing
miasere, Mar 31 2003

       The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge display sign on I-84 on New York is displaying messages of support for the troops in Iraq.
waugsqueke, Mar 31 2003

       I can see this now scrolling across the interstate billboard "STEVE SMITH, I'M PREGNANT, AND IT ISN'T YOURS"
theThinker, Mar 31 2003

       'It's your brother's.'
sambwiches, Mar 31 2003

       create accidents - 'DAD - IM GAY'
miasere, Apr 01 2003

       This would be so much better than the one I get on the M61 telling me I'm in a queue.
oneoffdave, Apr 01 2003

miasere, Apr 01 2003

       Are these signs big enough for haiku?
hippo, Apr 01 2003

       on my mobile phone   

       changing lanes without looking   

       oh shit its a truck
miasere, Apr 01 2003

       "Look where you're going."
egbert, Apr 01 2003

       they do ones like these on some roads around europe, naming and shaming people cars which have been speeding a couple of miles back down the road - how embarrassing - "Green Volkswagen Polo - 92mph"
iain, Apr 01 2003

       A local florist's shop posted on their sign outside "Your husband called, he said you could get anything you wanted". I got a kick out of this.
igirl, Apr 01 2003

miasere, Apr 01 2003

       Love it. And it reminds me of LA Story, one of Steve Martin's finest...
kmlabs, Aug 26 2005

       During rush hour
squeak, Aug 26 2005

       "Honey, we've won the lottery" $$$$$ hurry home.
xandram, May 11 2006


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