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Metal Mattress

The last mattress you will ever buy
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It's possible to make open cell foams of metal. Compressibility, rebound, flexibility, and fatigue resistance will be a factor of the original metal's qualities as well as what percentage of the foam is void vs solids.

Titanium is strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant, fireproof, and has a high fatigue limit. An open cell titanium foam mattress that was 99% void would be relatively lightweight* and only need a cloth covering for comfort. Research would be needed to find an ideal alloy and pore size for the right combination of strength and flexibility.

It would by default be hyperallergic and breathable. And when needed, you could take off the cloth covering and vacuum out any dead skin flakes, dust, etc that managed to infiltrate it over time.

* A block of titanium the volume of a king sized mattress would weigh around 9000 lb. At 99% void, the foam version would weigh 90#. By comparison, a king-size "Purple" mattress weighs 140#.

a1, Aug 30 2022

https://www.mwcomponents.com/resources/titanium https://www.mwcompo.../resources/titanium
[a1, Aug 30 2022]

Preparation of Cast Metallic Foams with Irregular and Regular Inner Structure https://www.ncbi.nl...rticles/PMC8619949/
[a1, Aug 30 2022]

Not as light as you would expect https://youtu.be/NvXI_RhVEDQ
Here, they show a steel foam porous enough to allow 80% compressibility, and it still weighs 1/3 the equivalent volume of solid steel. [21 Quest, Aug 31 2022]

Nor as soft https://youtu.be/1eIJGtBEYS4
"She has squeezed the metal foam as hard as you would a sponge, and it doesn't fail." [21 Quest, Aug 31 2022]


       Check the price of the raw material (titanium powder) to see why this will be the last mattress you ever buy. Plan to pass it down as a family heirloom.
a1, Aug 30 2022

       I would like to see an example of a foam form made of metal... +
xenzag, Aug 30 2022

       Doesn't sound extremely comfortable.
RayfordSteele, Aug 30 2022

       [xenzag] In the artworld you could be a forerunner. I've only seen functional structures.
a1, Aug 30 2022

       // comfortable //   

       [RayfordSteele] it would depend on how springy you can make it, and titanium can be very springy.
a1, Aug 30 2022

       Most of what I've read about metal foams (admittedly, not much...) is about how strong & rigid they are, not about springiness (eg. strain at compression failure <1%). Also, the foams are not "1% material", it's more like "0.1% material".
On the other hand, there are metallic meta-materials; more complicated to make, but with more "tunable" properties. That's the rabbit-hole you need you go down.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 30 2022

       I'm not convinced you can get it as lightweight as you seem to think while still being strong enough to even hold up under its own weight of gravity, much less with a pair of adult bodies on it possibly putting it through rigorous nightime stress testing. See link.
21 Quest, Aug 31 2022

       I recently deconstructed a mattress (for the purpose of disposal) by removing the dirty cover and foam padding. Inside are steel coil springs which seem to provide the bulk of the cushioning. And the void ratio looks to be well over 99%. So I think good ole springs would do better than metal foam. Of course there'd need to be a top cushion layer, maybe a wire net and or metal foam or cloth as you say. And a non-rusting material like stainless or titanium. In any case the idea of a removable washable cover is also good.
afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 09 2022

       Mental Mattress. New type of therapy for when your brain needs respite.
xenzag, Sep 09 2022


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