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Minimally Invasive Robotically Assisted Shaving

The perfect shave, one hair at a time.
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MIRAS for short.

MIRAS allows a barber to quickly and precisely remove an entire beard or just specific areas without damaging surrounding tissue. This greatly reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, infection, or other complications after the procedure.

The MIRAS equipment contains an imaging unit, multiple sets of micro-grippers and cutters (designed to operating on objects between 0.01 to 0.25mm in size) and manual controls. Though the barber can operate the grippers and cutters manually, they can also program them for autonomous operation - several orders of magnitude more rapidly - after successful imaging and evaluation of the beard. The console is installed adjacent to a standard barber's chair - which itself is modified to include arm, body, and head restraints as well as second seating position for the anesthesiologist.

After getting insurance authorization for the procedure, the barber and client have a consultation on how closely to shave the beard, how long the sideburns should be, and if there are any special considerations for hair protruding from the nostrils or ears. After completing the consult, the barber straps the client into the chair so they can receive a general anesthetic. It's very important the client doesn't move their head or any part of their face during the procedure, so they may also be intubated.

MIRAS then scans the beard area. The barber marks out broad areas where MIRAS can work in autonomous mode - where it can clip several hundred hairs per second - and areas where the barber has to take manual control (e.g., tight spaces under and around the nostrils) and may only be able to clip at most one hundred hairs per minute.

The ideal "cut" is to gently lift each hair away from the skin and cut it off at a right-angle to the direction of the hair shaft, at a precise length so it neither protrudes above the skin (for a smooth feeling) nor retracts too far below the skin (to prevent ingrown hairs). There is some dissent within the community of practice as to how far below the skin a hair may be safely cut, but the current consensus is no further than 0.2mm below the skin. This prevents five o'clock shadow from appearing too soon while still reducing the risk of infection and ingrown hairs.

Although there is some additional cost and time required for paperwork and patient (er, client) preparation, the actual cutting time required for MIRAS to remove a thick beard completely is only about 10 minutes - less than an old-fashioned barber might have spent on hot towels, stropping a razor, lathering up, and performing the shave itself. This is an amazing advance considering a thick and full beard may contain 20,000 hairs, and each one gets individual and precise treatment.

Given the improved quality of the shave and reduced complications, it's time and money well invested.

Ask your barber if MIRAS is right for you!

a1, Nov 21 2022

Roomba_20Shaver [calum, Nov 21 2022]

Da Vinci surgery system https://www.davincisurgery.com/
The inspiration for this idea [a1, Nov 21 2022]

A watch you can set your 5-o'clock shadow by A_20watch_20you_20c...clock_20shadow_20by
[a1, Nov 22 2022]


       Nice, but I would have it work in a slightly different manner:
Have all the "local scan, grip, lift, cut" system completely contained in a hand-held unit. The barber provides the "large scale" movement, while controlling the speed of the cutting (including "all off except one end set of gripper/cutter" for precision work); the unit works locally, scanning etc on the go.
(Disclaimer: my mother is a hair-dresser; such activities & technologies are familiar to me.)
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 21 2022

       With all due respect to [neutrinos_shadow]'s mother and [calum]'s Roomba Shaver, you're thinking too small. See Da Vinci (link), which was part of the inspiration for this idea.   

       Now I'm going to suspend my usual reluctance for talking about myself ... I promise not to do this very often.   

       I'm going to have mitral valve repair surgery soon at a facility that uses the Da Vinci system. The REAL inspiration for this HB idea was the surgeon telling me that among other things before surgery, I need to shave off my beard. I'll be performing THAT surgery on myself on 5 December, and let him do the rest of the necessary work on the 6th.   

       I should be back online annoying y'all by the following week.
a1, Nov 21 2022

       [a1]; I had more-or-less the same thought regarding DaVinci; most of it is just the support structure for holding the business parts. I always thought having the manipulator etc hand-held or even "free swimming" (inside the patient, if required) would be superior. Person provides large movement, robotic end unit gives precision (a la motorised gimbal mounts for cameras).
Good luck with your surgery.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 21 2022

       By the time the anaesthesia wears off enough to be able to drive anywhere, it's already started growing back and you're due for another shave!
21 Quest, Nov 21 2022

       // By the time the anaesthesia wears off ...you're due for another shave! //   

       I do see that as a potential downside, as quickly as my own beard grows. Maybe the customer's spouse could drive them home. Or it may be possible to skip a general, just use a local and strap the patient's, er, customer's head to the chair for large scale immobilization, and a short term, very localized paralytic agent to prevent facial tics.   

       Could be combined maybe with botox treatments to get rid of wrinkles at the same time.
a1, Nov 21 2022

       Sp. "too far"
pertinax, Nov 21 2022

       A five o'clock shadow you could set your watch by would be an interesting challenge.
pertinax, Nov 21 2022

       // A five o'clock shadow you could set your watch by //   

       That gives me an idea!
a1, Nov 21 2022

       // sp. “too far” //   

       Fait enough, fixed, thanks.   

       But I could defend my original usage by saying I meant cutting it down TO a point far below the skin. That might be stretching things TO an extreme though. That’s TOO much even for me, so I’ll give on this one.
a1, Nov 22 2022

       You'll give on this one two?
pocmloc, Nov 22 2022

       Two four won? Nein!
a1, Nov 22 2022


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