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Moulded Headphones

for that perfect fit
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I have large ears and so buying headphones is a pain. In-ear ones fall out, over the head ones are too small and ones that clip onto your ears hurt afer a while. Why do I have to put up with this when all I want to do is listen to my music on my own in comfort.

The solution? Moulded headphones. A mould is taken of the inside of your ear, similar to haven your teeth moulded at the dentist or a face cast done. This is used to creat a perfectly shaped ear piece which you can fit in your ear with comfort

The added bonus would be that because of the improved fit noise escaping should be reduced and there is less chance of irritating other people, aswell as giving the user better sound quality.

miasere, Jan 05 2006

On earbuds and damaged hearing http://www.cnn.com/....ipod.protect.reut/
[half, Jan 05 2006]


       It's a great idea - but I think you can get them already and it's easy to make your own and solve your problem. Just buy some casting alginate (not an exotic material, available in various colours and very safe, easy and fun to use) - follow the simple instructions, but embed a pair of conventional earphones in the material. You may need to do some cutting away afterwards - but you will end up with a plug that is the exact size of each of your ear channels with a headphone embedded. Check out my "fingerphones" - this is partly how I made them. Giving you a + because it would be a good idea if it was provided cheaply as a "real walk in" product.
xenzag, Jan 05 2006

       They make custom molded in-ear monitors for musicians and such. I hear they're not cheap.   

       Hearing-aid providers also do the sort of casting that you seek. Maybe that sort of establishment would be the key to making your custom molded headphone product widely available, if it isn't already. As an added bonus, they might take in to account how easy it is to damage your hearing by using such tightly fit in-ear listening appliances.
half, Jan 05 2006

       Surely by blocking out external sound the volume wouldnt need to be turned up so high? I always find I can watch TV late at night with the volume turned down but when I come home and turn it on its barely audible due to my ears having gotten used to background noise
miasere, Jan 05 2006

       Very true, but that doesn't stop people from damaging their hearing with existing earbuds. I was thinking of a story I heard just the other day (link).
half, Jan 05 2006

       I think [xenzag's] fingerphones might help.
skinflaps, Jan 05 2006


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