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Multi-part wrap around blanket

Warning!! May disturb dust bunnies and other under-bed monsters
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A blanket composed of several two to three foot wide panels connected with zippers or buttons, allowing it to be made arbitrarily wide. With enough panels it can be made a lot wider than the bed, and its ends connected to make a continuous loop that wraps completely but loosely around the bed.

That way, when your partner rolls over and tugs your section of blanket away, a new section pulls up from under the bed for you.

a1, Jan 15 2023

Prevents this https://www.gocomic...-classic/2023/01/09
[a1, Jan 15 2023]

It is not this A_20Blanket_20With_20Two_20Zips
[a1, Jan 15 2023]

Nor that https://www.amazon....-Kids/dp/B07V4BC7TV
[a1, Jan 15 2023]

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       Imagining nubbly pyjamas acting as gears [+]
Sgt Teacup, Jan 15 2023

       "Loop blanket" is almost crazy enough to actually sell. Requires clear space under the bed; most (large beds) have legs in more places than just the corners.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 15 2023

       // requires clear space under the bed //   

       Good point. If the bed frame couldn’t accommodate it, maybe a spacer of some kind right under the mattress would work to make a channel to pass the blanket through. Easier than replacing the entire bed frame, and would not disturb the dust bunnies and other under-bed monsters.   

       Otherwise, it might be enough to just stack a lot of blanket segments on the floor next to one’s own side of the bed. No need for a loop, as long as you have enough that your partner can’t take ALL of them.
a1, Jan 15 2023

       //you have enough that your partner can’t take ALL of them//
Challenge: accepted!
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 16 2023

       For it to move smoothly (don't know why you need it to though) you need to elevate the mattress and add rollers. Otherwise a simple loop without buttons or zippers will do the same thing. Like that kid's weighted blanket but lighter and with out the bit on the end.   

       How about just a giant sleeping bag both partners can get into on opposite sides of the bed? It can have venting flaps with zippers for varying insulation.
Voice, Jan 16 2023

       // elevate and add rollers //   

       [+] I like it.   

       As for giant sleeping bags, part of the inspiration for this idea did come from zip-together skeeping bags.
a1, Jan 16 2023


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