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N-prize Euthanasia Squad

Go out with a bang
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This a euthanasia business that finds people who wish to live their final moments in a rare and beautiful way, and also try and win the N-prize.

We have you sign the agreements, then we get high altitude, expandable balloons, many of them, with which we fill with helium, while we strap you to a lawn chair.

You will be dressed warmly and will have an O2 supply so you can enjoy your last moments staring at the beautiful curvature of the earth at 100,000 ft, as your altimeter suggests. It's a view only astronauts have seen. Then you will start the IV pump of morphine kept warm in near your body as your consciousness fades. Truly it is heaven.

You raise the Rem 700 rifle we supplied you towards space. It is claimed it has a muzzle velocity of over 5000 fps.

You fire.

With the low air resistance, only 3300 fps is required to reach 100 km altitude, and your name, micro-engraved on the bullet hangs in orbit.

You fade into oblivion. As the balloons lose lift and come back to earth, we recover your body for a heroic parade and proper funeral. We also give the guy back the gun we borrowed, but not before we check to see if the gun was fired.

It was.

Although it cannot be confirmed that your bullet is truly in lower orbit, due to the media attention and magnanimous nature of your death, the sponsor will be forced to fork over the money, half of which will be given to your family and the other half to the team. We will continue our business model until the sponsor acquiesces.

Congrats Heroes.

leinypoo13, Mar 20 2009

This guy has a big gun http://accurateshoo...0gr-berger-bullets/
[leinypoo13, Mar 20 2009]

Wikipedia: Project Manhigh http://en.wikipedia...iki/Project_Manhigh
[jutta, Mar 20 2009]


       Not only is there no need to kill a person (people have been 100,000 ft up and returned alive, see link); there is also no need to use a person (surely, firing a gun can be automated with far less mass than a human has).   

       (-) Gratuitous death.
jutta, Mar 20 2009

       I do not think a bullet is big enough to meet criteria for the N-prize.
bungston, Mar 20 2009

       //it cannot be confirmed that your bullet is truly in lower orbit// because it's pretty simple to prove that it isn't.   

       If you could balloon all the way to 100km, the 5000fps muzzle velocity would still be short of orbital by a factor of 5.   

       Fraud, bad science, and extortion through media distortion are not novel ideas for a business model.   

       (Speaking of which - Hi, Darl! Would you like to do some shooting on a *really* scenic range?)
lurch, Mar 20 2009

       On euthanasia- Really? If I was in pain and wanted to die, I would like to experience this, rather than laying in a bed with everyone around me crying. This would be an awesome experience and it is risky.   

       Now, of course this could be done manned or automatically, if there was a way to embed a transmitter of some sort in a bullet then it would be a good idea.   

       Edit- factor of five? How many joules or ft/lbs sec to put a bullet 60 km up?
leinypoo13, Mar 20 2009

       OK, orbit is higher than I thought. LEO is 160 km. Assuming no air resistance and according to gravitational potential energy equation I got, V=SQRT(2*9.8*129000) which is 1593 m/s, which is 5226 fps to reach 160 km from 100,000 ft. Is this incorrect?   

       We'd have to use a 50BMG saboted blended metal 200 gr at 5900 fps/ 13981 lbs found at rbcd.net. This should put it at 200 km.
leinypoo13, Mar 21 2009

       "Gratuitous death"
Euthanasia is pretty much the opposite of gratuitous, insofar as any death is gratuitous.
phoenix, Mar 21 2009

       [leinypoo], go look up "orbit" and find out what it is. Being at "orbital altitude" does not mean you are in an "orbit". You could be ten times as far away as the moon, but you still don't have an "orbit" unless you're going sideways fast enough that when you fall toward the earth, you miss. *That* is what an orbit is - and at 100 miles up, it's over 25,600 feet per second eastbound, or some other toward-the-horizon direction. No vertical velocity is required.
lurch, Mar 21 2009

       Sorry, believe me I've done the research here, but no normal gun even if you sabo a needle in a howizer will get up to the 7km/s you need for LEO, it's a whole speed of sound thing. You need a LGG or a CLGG. Even then an orbit will always include the starting point. So you have to get all the way to >100km before firing the LGG.
MisterQED, Mar 21 2009

       Well sometimes I like to post ideas, when I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about. So thanks for the info, lurch and QED. I figured their was an obvious reason that wouldn't work, but hadn't read it in the previous N-prize stuff. This is more of an interesting way to die idea, than having anything to do with the N-prize. The induction of horizontal velocity indeed is a crazy challenge.
leinypoo13, Mar 21 2009


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