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Narrative Canary

An extension of my earlier idea — the Bullshit Canary — which I never verbalised or wrote down anywhere, merely thought about. This is better.
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An autonomous service which continually looks out for and spots the core essence of what might turn out to be a persistent narrative of any kind. It shows visually, aurally and perhaps using other senses such as well-being, smell and humour, the presence and strength of developing narratives and their interrelationships.

After a narrative has taken hold people generally start to baseline it and believe it as if it is true, or disbelieve it as if those others consider it true when everybody knows it is false and therefore must be fought against. If people saw how narratives form and become material and real, they’d possibly be more detached in their perspective and life all around would be a lot nicer.

The Narrative Canary simply demonstrates or shows or makes evident by ongoing language network analysis whether meme-like tendencies are surfacing. At a smaller more granular level it’d simply show coining or re-usage of new words or word configurations. At this higher level it spots an overall narrative of idea and makes it evident without having a news medium be influenced by it and operate through the shape of it, let alone try to explain it in an unbiased manner.

Ian Tindale, Jun 16 2019


       at any point does it fall off its perch, yearn for the fiords and become deceased, a canary no more?
po, Jun 16 2019

       At today’s rate, probably every day
Ian Tindale, Jun 16 2019

       //makes it evident without having a news medium be influenced by it//   

       Right-oh. I mean, it's not as if news media will be looking to see what new narrative the canary has found, so that they can be the first to media-ify it.   

       Perhaps what's needed is a Silent Narrative Canary, that notices the emerging narrative but keeps schtum.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 16 2019

       What if someone tries to narrate something that's true? Will the canary get in the way?
pertinax, Jun 16 2019

       Will the canary sing a "narrative" when one is found? I love the song of the canary. I could listen to a narrative all day if sung.
blissmiss, Jun 16 2019

       Is the story then relayed to a parrot?
xenzag, Jun 16 2019


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