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Nasal Bots

Clear sinus blockages with micro robots .
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Inspired by a recent article “Biologically inspired micro- robotic swimmers remotely controlled by ultrasound waves” (linked) - I envision a doctor filling a syringe with a whole fleet of these in a saline solution, then injecting them into a patient’s nostril(s). The doctor could direct them through the sinuses and eustachian tubes to clear blockages. Could be much faster and more thorough than nasal lavage.
a1, Nov 14 2021

Inspired by https://pubs.rsc.or.../2021/LC/D1LC00575H
[a1, Nov 14 2021]


       Little snot-salmon swimming upstream: I had a similar thought, about using such botlets to deliver biocides to infection sites in the nose. [+]
pertinax, Nov 14 2021

       // deliver biocides //   

       Absolutely. Drug delivery was also in my original writeup but I decided to keep it short and focus on clearing blockages. Even there, they might need to apply short acting anesthetics or paralytic agents to keep the patient from sneezing them out during the procedure.   

       They’ll have to be very precisely controlled, and probably designed to disintegrate into something harmless after a short time also. Not sure if it’s possible to get them all out when the job is done, or to keep any from going astray while they’re working. Wouldn’t want a rogue Nasal Bot picking away in the lungs or the brain.   

       That’s the sort of thing you only read about on HB, but it could happen!
a1, Nov 14 2021


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