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Necrerotic Articulator

Pose corpses for maximum satisfaction
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Rigor mortis is not forever...

An adjustable aluminum frame skeleton frame with poseable and lockable joints. Wide leather straps with velcro closures are located at the wrist, thigh, waist, neck, ankle, and shoulders. Clamps are located on feet, hands, and head for firm attachment to plumbing, wall studs, or ceiling beams.

Strap any bipedal carcass to the frame, pose, and enjoy.

mylodon, Oct 23 2007

http://www.beachbro...-Corpse-Exhibit.htm [the dog's breakfast, Oct 23 2007]

Wikipedia: Rigor Mortis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rigor_mortis
I did not know that. [jutta, Oct 23 2007]


       for optimal results, use immediately after death. (why are you playing with fresh corpses?)
k_sra, Oct 23 2007

       I think it's very unfair that you're discriminating against bestianecrophiliacs.
jutta, Oct 23 2007

       ew. i now know what "cold shortening" is. thanks, [jutta].
k_sra, Oct 23 2007

       Bestianecrophilia is a sin, plus I can't imagine it's legal.
mylodon, Oct 23 2007

       This is just sick..But, I like it. I can visualize some people I have known and greatly disliked posed in most unusual ways. For their utter and lasting embarrassment, of course.
Blisterbob, Oct 23 2007

       I like warm...
po, Oct 23 2007

       //Bestianecrophilia// is an obscene coupling of Latin and Greek elements, and an offence against etymology.   

       ... and what [po] said.
pertinax, Oct 24 2007

       Fifteen minutes in the oven at gas mark 5 beforehand. Everyone's happy.
lostdog, Oct 24 2007


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