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NeverDarkenMyDoorAgain Flag

Just an arbitrary flag that can be applied to an idea
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I'd like to be able to delete an idea from my account's representation of the halfbakery. Selecting this flag would obviously only work for the person selecting it (although as an interesting form of torture, the idea-haver might be able to see how many people are pretending it doesn't exist). Once selected, I'd never see it, or any of its components, again.
Ian Tindale, Jan 07 2006


       Hit the [EDIT] button in overview, scroll down to "Filter by idea name" Check that, change the option to "other than" and enter the idea name.
DesertFox, Jan 07 2006

       nice idea [Ian], clearly [DF]'s solution would work, but it's a huge hassle each time.
neilp, Jan 08 2006

       Yeah, just a "not again" checkbox that is keyed to a guid or equivalent rather than a title.
bristolz, Jan 08 2006


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