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Never Forget Alarm Clock

For Patriots
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Everyday at 9:11 this alarm clock has two small digital planes that will fly into the :11's. The ones will commence to smoke and crumble just like the towers on that horrible day, until 9:12 wherein the clock will resume its normal function.This clock will serve as a daily reminder of the atrocities committed by the islamic terrorists and the war that they started that day. Further it will serve as a habitual reminder of our necessity for the invasion of Iraq, the allied victory and the subsequent destabilizing domino effect that has resulted in the current Arab Spring uprisings throughout the Islamic world. This product is but a small reminder of what faith in democracy can do for the world.
leinypoo13, Jun 03 2013


       Thanks 21. No bun i see. I am not sure how you can be so ambivalent about your freedom.
leinypoo13, Jun 03 2013

       Me too! It's a very dangerous world. Not everyone is capable of responsibly owning a firearm. And while the chance is remote, at least we have the peace of mind that if anyone tries to kill us, or our families, we will be able to capably defend ourselves. If more people like us do that, then people will think twice about messing with average person. Personally, I think there is a lot more to owning a gun than 1) buying it 2) putting bullets in it 3) waiting for someone to attack you. But, unfortunately, there are either (A) poorly trained irresponsible gun owners (B) Crazy people who ruin it for us all.
leinypoo13, Jun 03 2013

       // Aside from graveyard shifters, who sleeps that late more than one or two days a week? //   

       [The Alterother], that's who. At least in the summertime. In winter I'm up with the dogs.
Alterother, Jun 03 2013

       ^ Ha! Nice.
Alterother, Jun 03 2013

       Troll am I?
leinypoo13, Jun 03 2013

       Troll-esque, in this instance. It smacks of thinly veiled political advocacy. At best it's a legitimate invention inspired by misplaced (and misinformed) patriotism.
Alterother, Jun 03 2013

       It should really be George Bush staring at a page for 24 hours and declaring "My Pet Goat! My Pet Goat!"
4and20, Jun 04 2013

       Not often I get so many laughs out of an idea I don't like, but I just keep coming back for the annos.
Alterother, Jun 04 2013

       //I carry my freedom in a holster.//   

       Oh, you're just bragging now.
ytk, Jun 04 2013

       I like the part in Braveheart where he says FRREEEEDDOOMM!
leinypoo13, Jun 04 2013


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