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Never flip or rotate your mattress

A household hint, not a "let's all"
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Sleep with your head at one end of the bed on even numbered days, and the other way on odd numbered days. If you sleep with a partner you'll likely also have to switch sides.

Thought of this while reading explanations of why older double sided mattresses had to be flipped over a few times a year, and why newer single sided mattresses should still be turned once in a while to even out wear. Easier to change how you get into bed than trying to flip or rotate a heavy mattress.

a1, Jun 07 2024

Nonsense https://www.sleepfo...otate-your-mattress
[a1, Jun 07 2024]

Other Nonsense https://bedroomsand...ses-cant-flip-rant/
https://bedroomsandmore.com/blog/one-sided-mattresses-cant-flip-rant/ [a1, Jun 07 2024]


       That only deals with the rotating.   

       To also address the flipping issue, you need to sleep under the mattress every other night.
pocmloc, Jun 07 2024

       // To also address the flipping issue, you need to sleep under the mattress every other night. //   

       That may be true if you can still find a mattress that CAN be flipped. Most modern ones can't, having specific "top" and "bottom" sides of different construction. At least in USA, dunno if it's an international trend.
a1, Jun 07 2024

       Well then, just flip the mattress before sleeping beneath it. Really it is quite tiresome having to always point out these obvious solutions.
pocmloc, Jun 07 2024

       Nothing really mattress.   

       Is it true, as that rant link suggests, that only hotels buy double sided mattresses?
a1, Jun 08 2024

       // just flip the mattress before sleeping beneath it. //   

       Sounds like a lot of heavy work. Maybe would be easier to flip and sleep under an air mattress. But not a water bed, I'd drown.
a1, Jun 08 2024

       Our motel room mattresses have printed on them which month and direction they should be turned.   

       I was as surprised as you are.
Totally a thing.

       Thank you for the information, Mr. Innkeeper.
a1, Jun 08 2024

       Of course.   

       Wife and I tried to sleep in eachother's positions... yeah that was much too weird. Couldn't do it.   

       Could we push the mattress through a klein bottle and then sleep on its inside?
RayfordSteele, Jun 10 2024

       @pocmloc: better to let the mattress sleep, while you stand watch
sanman, Jun 12 2024

       In some searching I find this is not a unique or new idea. But it's being suppressed by Big Mattress - a shadowy group with their own agenda! - so nobody talks about it. At least not for very long.
a1, Jun 14 2024


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