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No-tie protective mask

Easy on, easy off
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Whether it has earloops or straps behind the head, putting on (and removing) a protective mask is bothersome for people wearing glasses, headphones, or behind-the-ear hearing aids.

As an extension of the “Functional Piercings” idea (link), I propose placing a small stud on each cheekbone as well as on either side of the jaw. Masks could have buttonholes to attach to those studs.

People who don’t want visible face jewelry could opt for implanted magnets, and the mask could have metal inserts to hold them on.

kdf, May 23 2020

Functional_20Piercings [kdf, May 23 2020]


       Velcro + beard...
RayfordSteele, May 23 2020

       Cyanoacrylate backed magnets and acetone?
wjt, May 24 2020

       Cheek gauges (i.e. terrifying cheek piercings to fit a 1 inch ring) but the ring is threaded to accept standard gas mask filter cartridges. (Don't do this no matter how "cyberpunk" it seems)
sninctown, May 24 2020

       Or, the magnets could click together behind the wearer's head. It would be attractive to all metalheads as well.
AusCan531, May 25 2020


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