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Old fashioned packaging shop

Home deliveries use old-style packaging
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When I was growing up doing the grocery run virtually everything was wrapped old newspaper or a sheet of white paper wrapped in old newspaper. Anything that wasn't wrapped in newspaper came in jars or cans.

These days there's not a lot you can do about supermarket packaging as goods are out on display so a plastic box or film keeps grubby hands away from the food.

But for home delivery supermarkets the stuff never goes on public display . So for meat, fish, cheese, vegetables etc they can all be wrapped in paper and labelled, thus saving the use disposable plastic stuff.

It's also the case that the limited number of parties involved in shopping home delivery also make it possible to use re-usable containers that are returned on the next delivery.

bigsleep, Mar 02 2019


       I dunno, [bigs]. I've seen the guys who deliver groceries. Frankly, they make me want plastic wrapping even more.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2019

       //These days there's not a lot you can do about supermarket packaging// You don't actually have to shop at the supermarket you know.
pocmloc, Mar 03 2019


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