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A user generated database of words that sound like they are.
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Ian Tindale, Sep 16 2009

A start? http://www.springer...t/77r84h4561623131/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 17 2009]


       what a quack idea
daseva, Sep 16 2009

       Very good. +
jellydoughnut, Sep 16 2009

       2 fries shy of a happy meal, - I'd say this is 100% baked in that abstract, then. Oh well. That's very interesting reading - seems like a project I should follow.
Ian Tindale, Sep 17 2009

       Ah - but the linked journal paper is an automatically generated dictionary based on a trawl of the Internet. {Guess who has access to the full paper.}
Mr. [Tindale] is proposing a user generated database. (Ok, I'm clutching some straws on [T]'s behalf)
Jinbish, Sep 17 2009

       Splat! - croissant drips melted butter unto plate.
xenzag, Sep 17 2009

       sp: oneaumateuopeaidieaouea
theleopard, Sep 17 2009

       snap crackle plus [+]
CaptainClapper, Sep 17 2009

       Who peed here on the mat?
Ian Tindale, Sep 17 2009

       I agree with [jinbish], user generated is different, and probably better.   


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