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Outward Facing VR Display

…that can be hijacked!
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VR Headsets are all very well and good. Actually, they’re not, not yet, but when all VR headsets incorporate my new Quasonama idea (see website) then yes, VR headsets are all very well and good, but they look boring from the outside. There’s no connection with the person, who seems to be in their own little world.

The VR headset has a large panel-like area on the front. This, thus far, is left blank, or printed with a static promotional or decorative image.

I propose that this area of a VR headset be used to mount an actual outward-facing dynamic display, for the rest of us to see. It could be a status readout of what’s going on inside the headset (not necessarily mirroring the image, it could be like running ‘top’ or a set of blinken- lites). Or it could be a readout of any music being currently heard inside — artist, track name, etc. Or it could be VU meters. Or it could be a spectrum display. Or it could be a brainwave readout (so you can do something if you see a flatline — for example, edge sideways out of the room and go home).

If this were hackable, crafty whippersnappers left to their own devices could surreptitiously substitute the display content with that of their own devices.

Ian Tindale, Mar 16 2016

Quasonama http://u0421793.github.io/quasonama/
this is needed for VR [Ian Tindale, Mar 16 2016, last modified Apr 29 2016]

GearVR stickers http://uploadvr.com...-vr-stickers-funny/
[theircompetitor, Mar 16 2016]

Binaural Recording (re: Quasonama) https://en.wikipedi.../Binaural_recording
You only need 2 channels, if you do it right. [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 17 2016]

RADLCY NEX 3n binaural mic https://youtu.be/wcQFTpSRdac
Some of my earlier binaural mic experiments that led to Quasonama [Ian Tindale, Mar 17 2016]

Gallions Point mud binaural stereo with action cam https://youtu.be/bMcIMOxM8_U
More of my earlier binaural mic experiments that led to Quasonama [Ian Tindale, Mar 17 2016]

Introducing NoseCam and my binaural mic set https://youtu.be/vm8B_41gwUI
More of my earlier binaural mic experiments that led to Quasonama [Ian Tindale, Mar 17 2016]

Nosecam at Royal Albert opposite LCY https://youtu.be/WuPcm7dGq50
More of my earlier binaural mic experiments that led to Quasonama [Ian Tindale, Mar 17 2016]

RADLCY 240° sonic partial panorama experiment 2xZoomH1 60°+60° PentaxQ05tele https://youtu.be/G2G0aX4RfZQ
This is where I started leaving binaural behind and progressing to multiple point external arrays positioned with low phase ambiguity. [Ian Tindale, Mar 17 2016]

RADLCY 240° sonic hemi panorama experiment 2xZoomH1 60°+60° V720 https://youtu.be/tR2fz-IlMl8
This is where I began to bring together the configuration that was to work best and also be easiest to implement. that was to develop into Quasonama [Ian Tindale, Mar 17 2016]

A neat trick by Google https://www.google....=bv.148073327,d.eWE
[theircompetitor, Feb 26 2017]


       I'll go with something simple: A display of my actual face with some modest improvements such as cat eyes. [+]
Voice, Mar 16 2016

       No, binaural recording using only two channels isn’t the answer. You can’t possibly have the same HRTF and HRIR that I have, they’re my ears. Also, if you hear them through headphones that aren’t in your ears, you then pass everything through two sets of HRTF and HRIR — mine, then your own. There are many other reasons why binaural recording although impressive is an incomplete solution. If you wish to listen to binaural recordings not using headphones but using speakers, the effect falls apart.   

       In fact, I did discover that if you have computer speakers, about the distance apart of a laptop monitor, then if you face them outward instead of both toward you, then you can get a fairly usable binaural effect. This is because you’ve turned that stereo pair into a single stereo dipole. That can work, but it is localised in a narrow field. You really need two sets of stereo dipoles for spatial discrimination and also a good usably wide sound-field panorama.   

       The experiments I’m working on at the moment are for VR headphones and use four channels configured as two stereo dipoles, one for each ear. The idea on the Quasonama website is more for the speaker configuration. The mic positions are notional (they could be arrived at anyhow, for example, a full circular ambisonic or ambiphonic arrangement, and those virtual mic positions would be matrixed from the full spherical or cylindrical sound field).   

       Binaural is not all you need. It’s an impressive novelty, but it’s not sufficient to do the whole job.
Ian Tindale, Mar 17 2016

       You present a good argument. I stand corrected!
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 17 2016

       I like the outward facing VR display (more than your quasonama, which I think is great but for 99% of consumers are going for "good enough" and video is filling in the gaps where simple stereo fails, although might help with motion sickness if the audio can improve the immersion) ... I think showing the game in progress would be the best, and probably easiest to implement. More challenging, but cool, would be to monitor eye motion and expressions and then over characterize them (like surprise, boredom, squinting, etc).
davea0511, Jan 30 2017

       Put infrared or low-light cameras inside the VR headset, pointed at the wearer's eyes and eyebrows. Re-render what they see to match external light conditions. Display this on the outside of the headset. Now people nearby can get even more amusement out of watching VR users—both from seeing the user's facial expressions and from seeing the user's top-half-of-face two inches forward of where it usually is.
notexactly, Feb 26 2017


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