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Oversized charging case

For Airpod Pro with custom molded eartips
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Apple Airpod Pro’s come with three different sized eartips, but some people still can’t get a perfect fit. Custom fitted ones are available - but they don’t fit in Apple’s charging case - you have to snap the custom parts on and off when needed. So... the companies offering custom molded eartips should also offer oversize charging cases as well.

Now, I know 8th’s ocular implant is twitching and he’s eager to bash anything from Apple. But while Airpod Pro’s seem ridiculously high priced for phone calls and music, they work surprisingly well as hearing aids. Better than some hearing aids costing 10x more - so for this special use, even with custom molding and cases they’re a bargain.

kdf, Dec 26 2020

Comply memory foam https://www.complyf...e-with-airpods-pro/
[kdf, Dec 28 2020]

Airpod Pro as hearing aid https://www.hearing...ng-aids-with-ios-14
[kdf, Dec 28 2020]

Custom molds for Airpod Pro https://www.adv-sou...iant=19293380804677
$149 *without* a custom charging case. [kdf, Dec 28 2020]


       Is there a reason you can't take a hacksaw to the case and then stick the parts back together with gaffer tape leaving gaps between the parts? Hacksaw blades and tape cost only £0.21 on alibaba I believe.
pocmloc, Dec 26 2020

       Hammers are more expensive, but also more durable, and have many more uses.
8th of 7, Dec 26 2020

       One hammer is enough for the job, surely?
pocmloc, Dec 26 2020

       I can see merit in either approach, but was hoping for something a bit more precise. Perhaps lasers - which cost only pennies on alibaba - could melt and reshape the case. Or the patient’s ears, pretreating them first with photoactivated drugs (also available on alibaba, of course).
kdf, Dec 26 2020

       Or reshape the patient's ears with lasers ?
8th of 7, Dec 26 2020

       Isn’t that what I just said? The Borg don’t get subtlety and elision even when they live among the British?
kdf, Dec 26 2020

       We merely question the need for the "photoactivated drugs". It seems to require excessive cost, and subtlety.   

       The word "just" should have been included between "Or" and "reshape", so as to be "Or just reshape the patient's ears ..."   

       We acknowledge the slight lack of clarity.
8th of 7, Dec 26 2020

       But our alibaba rep was so keen on those photoreactive drugs. Or on some kind of drugs, at least...
kdf, Dec 27 2020

       How exactly do the patient's ears melt and reshape the case? Are the ears preheated with the lasers first? How much are human ears on alibaba?
pocmloc, Dec 27 2020

       ANYHOW... back to real world and practical considerations... the included sizes of eartips work well for perhaps 90% of the population, and third-party memory foam options from Comply and other companies cover most of the rest. The % of users who would really benefit from custom moldings - as an audiologist would make for hearing aids - is vanishingly small.   

       Wasn't this a Halfbakery idea at some point, years ago? Standard smartphone earbuds repurposed as hearing aids?
kdf, Dec 28 2020

       // The % of users who would really benefit ... is vanishingly small. //   

       It would be more cost-effective to simply cull those non-compliant ones, shirley ?
8th of 7, Dec 28 2020

       Then you're missing the profit opportunity. A niche item commands a higher price. Custom molds cost around$150 (link), so what's another $50 or $100 for a charging case?
kdf, Dec 28 2020

       On the other hand, just one fresh, viable human kidney of the right tissue type and in good condition can fetch thousands on the spares black-market ...
8th of 7, Dec 28 2020

       Sigh ... just another market to be disrupted by cloning technology ...
kdf, Dec 28 2020

       No, there's still a certain cachet to having a unique, "designer" product. There's a particular market segment* who will always pay extra for "the real thing" rather than something that can be mass-manufactured, even though it does mean taking anti-rejection medications for the foreseeable future ...   

       *Characterised by the description "more money than sense" ...
8th of 7, Dec 28 2020


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