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Paint-Roller *Special* Sunscreen Applicator

For those too embarrassed to ask...
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I went down to the beach on Sunday, and it was glorious.
The sun shone from it's position high up in the bluest sky imaginable and far away, wisps of cloud could be seen skitting across the horizon.

After some time spent engaging my companion in easy conversation, and a couple of snorkeling forays into the reef, I began to realise that I'd completely forgotten about sun-protection. This was easily solved as I liberally applied a generous portion of SPF20 to myself.

Now since I'm not a contortionist, the application of an even layer of sun-cream to my back presented itself as a logistical challenge. Thankfully, my companion was happy to oblige, and I in kind, but it got me to thinking: What if she hadn't been there? Or worse, what if she had been there, but I'd been too embarrassed to ask?

Presenting the Paint-Roller Special Sunscreen Applicator - a paint-roller, essentially, on a handle about 2 feet long, only specially adapted to apply an even surface of sun-lotion to one's hard-to-reach-places. The deluxe model has a hopper contained within the roller-head itself and, using a trigger located in the handle, can be used to make self-application a breeze.

But what's so what's so special about that? Well, for those of you who are with a friend, and would actually quite like them to lay their hands on you, but are too worried to ask, the device also contains a hidden flask, containing enough of your favourite alcoholic beverage to relax even the most ingrained inhibitions.

zen_tom, Aug 31 2004

Backburn http://www.gl.ciw.e...es_2003/Sunburn.jpg
This is what happens when you don't ask for help applying sunscreen to your back. [Freefall, Oct 04 2004]

Fake Tan Applicator http://www.sunlabs-...ewProd&productId=62
Something like this?
Body builders use paint rollers to apply their fake tan too. [theleopard, Jun 12 2007]


       plus for the object, but I'd advocate the companion method every time.
dentworth, Aug 31 2004

       Or a sunscreen spray booth. Insert coins, select SPF.
ldischler, Aug 31 2004

       Drink the hidden ego enhancer, sashay up to the nearest solo bathing beauty, and ask if she would like you to give her a roll. Might work...
blissmiss, Aug 31 2004

       It can't fail. Whatever happens, you're a winner - with an all-over tan.
zen_tom, Aug 31 2004

       Great idea, [tom]. [ldischler]'s idea would work, too.
Machiavelli, Aug 31 2004

       Instead of a two foot handle, how about a barge pole?
coprocephalous, Jun 12 2007

       Well, if it's for self-application, then no-one need touch you with it, so I don't see why not...
theleopard, Jun 12 2007


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