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Pandemic Political Proclamation Pin

Stick it where people can see it
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Many people display their beliefs and political affiliations via a lapel pin. As the current pandemic is SO politicized - and future ones will likely be also - there's a market for relevant decorations.

Thus: A round button with a segmented design. Each segment will contain symbols (no words) to show where you stand:

1) Vaccination: A single syringe for someone who's had their first dose, a pair of crossed syringes for fully vaxxed, or a vaccine vial with a red slash drawn over it for the anti- vaxxers.

2) Masking: A drawing of a mask, or one with a slash drawn through it. While this might seem obvious if you're looking at someone who's masked (or not!), the symbol would show how they feel about it.

3) I need suggestions on symbol designs for a three part classification: People who've had the current disease of interest, people who've recently tested/confirmed negative, and people who don't know their own status.

a1, Aug 13 2021

Intentionally Left Blank Gifts https://www.zazzle....ly+left+blank+gifts
[a1, Aug 13 2021]

Joint_20Parade_20Lo...erator_20Convention [hippo, Aug 17 2021]

Venn City Venn_20City
[Frankx, Aug 17 2021]


       The flaw in this approach is that it's unclear whether not wearing a lapel pin means:
(a) A vehement rejection of this reductionist trend to force complex issues into simple ideograms for display to the world
(b) A strong belief in data privacy, to the extent that the non-wearer refuses not only to share their political beliefs but also refuses to share their beliefs in data privacy
(c) The person has lost their lapel pin

The first two issues can be distinguished from the last one, you will have already noted, by the wearing of another lapel pin bearing the message "I am not wearing a lapel pin", which will thus indicate whether the non-wearing of a lapel pin is accidental or deliberate
hippo, Aug 13 2021

       "This lapel pin intentionally left blank"
zen_tom, Aug 13 2021

       [hippo] Yep, you could fairly apply your a/b/c reasoning to every political button that's ever been offered for any cause. But after "c" - you left out:   

       d) Aware but don't care
e) Huh? What are you on about?
a1, Aug 13 2021

       //"This lapel pin intentionally left blank"// - [zen] I would wear a lapel pin that said that
hippo, Aug 13 2021

       This could be like a silent protest for people who can't speak through their mask.
4and20, Aug 13 2021

       I like [zt]’s pin, but mine would probably say ,” what chew talkin ‘ bout Willis?”
xandram, Aug 13 2021

       Three things would happen a1:   

       First, IT'S LIKE THE NAZIS MAKING THE JEWS WEAR THE STAR OF DAVID! I'm surprised that hasn't been posted already.   

       Secondly, people would lie their asses off. The same crowd buying fake vaccination papers.   

       Thirdly, people would make their own versions "I refuse to live in fear: over the Punisher Skull icon or some such nonsense.
AusCan531, Aug 14 2021

       So, just to get this straight...   

       ...you can still contract this virus without knowing it even if you get fully vaccinated... but then get to travel and spread it... yet get to blame all anti-vaxers for your bullshit con-job?   


       ...that's way too long for a button.   

       // too long for a button //   

       Right. You lose most of your audience if you can’t keep it short. That’s why I opted for symbols.
a1, Aug 14 2021

       And as for symbols - on the segment for “had it, tested negative, or don’t know” I guess a plus, minus, and question mark would do.
a1, Aug 14 2021

       I think you also need a segment for "I didn't understand the question"   

       Perhaps, to cover the multitude of permutations of political/healthcare opinion, immunological status and currently hosted microbiome, you could combine multiple lapel pins, colour-coded for meaning and with a fuel- gauge-like pointer for status in each domain.   

       Or, have some arrangement of overlapping circular lapel pins into a venn diagram, with an "I am Here" star to mark current position.   

       ...a personal whiteboard with a diagram (and a description) announcing one's views, health status... provided with markers on strings for passers-by to add their own annotations...
Frankx, Aug 17 2021

       //some arrangement of overlapping circular lapel pins into a venn diagram// - logical operators are the way to solve this, so "Vaccinations AND (NOT Climate Change)" would be worn by someone who was in favour of vaccinations but thought that climate change was a bad thing. For a previous discussion on this topic, see link.
hippo, Aug 17 2021

       // you could combine multiple lapel pins, colour- coded for meaning //   

       I used to collect such things and kept hundreds of them pinned to a large cork bulletin board. Some days I’d wear several, and they didn’t always agree with each other.
a1, Aug 17 2021

       [hippo] Oh my, there's some classic vintage HB there. See also Venn City link.
Frankx, Aug 17 2021

       //Venn City// Classic [st3f] idea
hippo, Aug 17 2021


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