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Paper USB drive

Idea spawned from the paper CD
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A friend has just bought a USB stick that is only about 2mm thick. It does not have the full USB connector surround, just the contacts which makes it possible to be so thin.

Incorperate this into a piece of card and use it for advertising. The card would have a press out area that contains the chip and on the edge there would be the metal contacts. It could contain advertising, catalogues of just be given away as free storage.

miasere, Aug 16 2007

Paper CD Paper_20CD_27s
The original idea [miasere, Aug 16 2007]

UnLocal Paper UnLocal_20Paper
(Has nothing to do with this idea but has the word "paper" in the title) [normzone, Aug 16 2007]

printed on paper. jornal_20di_e1rio_2...eri_f3dico_20diario
[po, Aug 16 2007]

also uses paper pretty_20litter
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papery link paper_2c_20scissors...20fillet_20steak_2e
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o.k. I'll stop now. tissue_20of_20lies
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Thin USB connector http://www.engadget...ilt-in-usb-adapter/
If memory devices get any smaller, they'll float away on the next breeze... [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 17 2007]

You wanna use paper for what? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shigeru_Ban
This guy does paper. Like, really *does* paper. [moomintroll, Aug 17 2007]

Storing Power in a Sheet of Paper http://news.rpi.edu...o?artcenterkey=2280
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a new energy storage device that easily could be mistaken for a simple sheet of black paper. [ed, Aug 17 2007]

The Paper USB card http://techcrunch.c...4/08/08/swivelcard/
[theircompetitor, Aug 10 2014]


       There are numerous companies that prints business cards on mini-CDs (50 Megabytes), so I could see this. You'd have to get the unit cost way down for it to be practical, though.
krelnik, Aug 16 2007

       Thanks for the credit   

       Cool idea, does it 'pop out' like the paper CD? Or would you just rip paper off to expose the contacts?
evilpenguin, Aug 16 2007

       nice to see you [krelnik]   

       great link, norm.
po, Aug 16 2007

       I just got one of those USB sticks, 512 Meg for $8. It could be given away as advertising, as we've discussed elsewhere before.   

       It could even be built into a business-card sized plastic card and popped out. Maybe even a cardboard card/case/carrier would work. But there is no way in hell that that could be considered to be a paper USB drive. [-]
baconbrain, Aug 17 2007

       Hey, how about a paper visual display unit? It could be delivered in the morning, and read at the breakfast table.
Ling, Aug 17 2007

       <old joke>...and it could have a stylus-based UI</old joke>
hippo, Aug 17 2007

       //But there is no way in hell that that could be considered to be a paper USB drive// [bacon]   

       So USB thrumdrive's currently have cases made of plastic, if you remove the plastic casing exposing the PCB* and PMC** and then use paper as the case, is it then a paper USB thumbdrive(to you)?   

       *printed circuit board   

       **printed microcontroller
evilpenguin, Aug 17 2007


       As I understood the Paper CD idea, the dots of a CD were to be printed on paper, although somewhat coarser. The info could be printed in a magazine, cut out and placed into a plastic holder. That, to me, was a paper CD in a plastic holder. I liked it.   

       A USB chip is not dots of color, it is lines and layers of electronic circuitry, junctions and semi-conductors, way, way smaller than a printer can reproduce. There is no way to build a chip on paper, out of ink, and no reason to, really.   

       A chip could be stuck on paper, yes, but that doesn't make it paper. It's plastic in paper, which is the opposite of the Paper CD.   

       I'm sorry, but the title says "Paper USB drive", and echoes the Paper CD idea, but the drive isn't made out of paper, like the CD is. If the title had said, "USB drive in a business card," I would have no objections at all.   

       Putting a cheap USB drive in a novel container isn't much of an idea. At the Target store, I can buy USBs made to look like Lego blocks, poker chips and money clips, and I've seen Ducati-shaped cases on the internet. We've talked about giving USBs away as adverts, here on the HB.   

       If it makes anybody feel better, you can make an electronics-type resistor using paper. Get a heavy pencil, and scribble a thick, dark blot on the paper, and check it with your ohm-meter. (You'll have to mess about to get good contact.)
baconbrain, Aug 17 2007

       I thought this was going to be an idea suggesting the use of paper to write things on and store data. I'm glad I was mistaken.   

Germanicus, Aug 18 2007

       Although most paper would be too flimsy for a USB drive, cardboard or even thick cardstock could work. I don't think this would work well for a 1GB drive, but with some smaller chips like those used in RFID devices flexing would not be a problem unless the backing were folded right at the location of the chip.   

       Even though the chip itself wouldn't be made of paper, a USB drive isn't just a chip--it's a combination of a chip and a contact-bearing mounting. In this idea, the contact-bearing mounting would be made of paper-like material, so I see no objection calling it a paper USB drive.
supercat, Aug 18 2007


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