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Pavlov's Prison Ident

Criminals learn tune and jump to it later.
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Musical brand idents were popular in the last decade. A short sequence of notes identifying a brand. I guess the most pervasive is the notes played when an "Intel inside" logo is displayed (4 notes sounding something like 'ding bing ding dong').

Now suppose the prison system had their own ident - ding ding ding BANG! (3 strikes). This could be played every hour in prison to associate incarceration with a tune.

The same tune could then be aired on TV every few months when running an advert for prison guard recruitment. It could also be embedded in an ankle bracelet to play at random infrequent times or when the GPS zone is violated.

Just a little reminder of the musical bar they heard every hour.

bigsleep, Dec 24 2016


       Perhaps the BANG could be real, notifying the current prison population that a third-time offender has just been offed and that the prison now has an available bed. It would encourage reduction of repeat offenders (in more ways than one).
whatrock, Dec 24 2016


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