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Pedant Pendant

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A dangling thing you wear around your neck to indicate that you’re the sort that is likely to require precision and accuracy in communication and meaning.
Ian Tindale, Aug 02 2015

Pedant_27s_20Pendant_20of_20Punditry Different to this in specific and exact ways, I presume. [pocmloc, Aug 02 2015]

Pendant Letters https://static.artf...cklace_71ab62b4.jpg
This pendant implies all the alphabet is available, from which to spell any word you like, such as "PEDANT". [Vernon, Aug 02 2015]


       To indicate to whom ?   

       // the sort //   

       Sort of what ?   

8th of 7, Aug 02 2015

       The description sentence is incorrectly constructed. It requires a subject, such as: 'Pendant Pedant' is a dangling thing.......The [+] is because I want one!
xenzag, Aug 02 2015

       Alternatively we could just add a comma after "thing".   

       Then the sense would be that you, the reader, were prone to dangle, and that the erosion detectable around your neck indicated ... etc. In other words, it would be a rather ghoulish suggestion that pedants should die by hanging.   

       On second thoughts, maybe we should do what [xenzag] said.
pertinax, Aug 02 2015

       Pendant should have a lower-case p.
pocmloc, Aug 02 2015

       Pedant Pendant
A dangly thing,

       Indicative of a person requiring both precision and accuracy in communications.
FlyingToaster, Aug 02 2015

       What if the requirement is for precision or accuracy, but not both simultaneously ?
8th of 7, Aug 02 2015

       ^ For example... ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 02 2015

       I'm not sure this is a wise idea in the present climate. Wearing something that says "I'm a pedant" is likely to get you lynched by the illiterate masses.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 02 2015

       For non-pedants there will be Amulet's-not for sale in the lobby.   

       Ahem... see the first link, please.
21 Quest, Aug 02 2015

       Can I get one that embodies the physical cigarette butt or screwed up chip packet?
wjt, Aug 03 2015

       Don't need it. I can smell em a mile away.
blissmiss, Aug 03 2015

       precision and accuracy are redundant and superfluous.
dentworth, Aug 03 2015

       Perhaps the "dangly thing", if not an actual word (see link) might consist of a couple of items. One could be a miniaturized dictionary, another could be a miniaturized grammar book. Think of "microdot" in terms of shrinkage.
Vernon, Aug 03 2015

       //precision and accuracy are redundant and superfluous.//   

       No they're not.   

       This is the number 2 to 10 decimal places: 1.9417236427
very precise, but inaccurate.

       This is the number 2 to zero decimal places : 2
Very accurate, but not precise.

       I used to have a pendant once. It was blue enamelled ceramic, and had a penguin on it.
Loris, Aug 03 2015

       [Loris] Isn't that 11 and 1 decimal places? or am I being too pedantic.
wjt, Aug 05 2015

       //Isn't that 11 and 1 decimal places?//   

       You're thinking of significant figures.
Loris, Aug 05 2015

       We express values using a notation of symbols which represent numbers and a convention which governs how such expression should be evaluated.   

       The number 2 is one such symbol, representing a specific value in the denary system. In the binary system the same value is represented as 10.   

       By convention we use the denary system to represent values such as a count of items, and where fractional precision is required we can use decimal notation, with a dot (or comma in some scripts) followed by numbers representing the fractional part of the value.   

       The value 1.9417236427 is expressed as 1.9417236427 to 10 decimal places, (that's 11 significant figures) but the same value expressed to 0 decimal places is 1 (that's 1 significant figure, discarding the fractional portion).   

       Now, the value 1.9417236427 expressed to 4 significant figures would be 1.942 and this is where you need to consider rounding errors.
Tulaine, Aug 05 2015

       No reason you couldn't use binary past the radix point.
FlyingToaster, Aug 06 2015

       Ahh, so all base ten figures have denary places and not necessarily decimal places. And zero denary places does not allow a value to be written. I was under the public misconception that 2 is a decimal number, if, of course, in base 10.
wjt, Aug 07 2015


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