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Permanently installed drain snake

For bathtubs as well as showers and bathroom sinks
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Disclaimer: An unfunny idea. No actual snakes involved.

Bathtubs (and showers, and bathroom sinks) tend to get clogged with hair and other crud. An easy tool for clearing them is a flexible plastic or metal wire that can be snaked down the pipe and through the bend to catch push or pull the crud out. Plastic ones are often sold as disposable items - because nobody wants to keep them once they're mucked up. And even if you did, where would you store it between uses?

So - design the drain cover with a grill that can be easily unscrewed. Attached to the bottom of this grill is your snake thing, When the drain does get clogged, you just unscrew the grill and pull the snake out, work it in and out a few times until the drain is cleared, then screw the grill back on with the snake threaded back down the drain.

As this prevents the use of a "pop-up" drain stopper, you'd have to go back to an old-fashioned rubber plug when you DO want to fill the tub.

a1, Oct 13 2022

Something like this ... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FGH2V5Q
[a1, Oct 13 2022]

... permanently attached to the underside of something like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003M8GMUY
[a1, Oct 13 2022]

As installed in a bathroom sink https://ibb.co/fqp9SK7
[a1, Oct 13 2022]

Like so https://navaearth.n...catcher-2-in-a-pack
This is just the first I found. They're out there! [neutrinos_shadow, Oct 13 2022]

Drain Wig https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SPYHZGF
The US version [a1, Oct 13 2022]


       See linky. Not an "unscrewed grill" (I think that's overkill anyway...) but the basic idea is the same; permanently "in" the drain; remove, clean, re-install.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 13 2022

       The company Schluter also makes a drain trough for showers with a removable cup-screen if you ever decide to tile a shower floor.   

       [neutrinos_shadow] ... I missed that when I went looking. Didn't have the right search terms, I guess.
a1, Oct 13 2022

       Oh wait, maybe that's NOT the same thing. The listings I found for the item you linked are not permanent installations, but disposable - the idea being you thread them through the drain and throw them away / replace them every couple of months. And you can't put a drain stopper in place while that thing is in there (unless the drain grill is recessed.   

       BTW, what's the exchange rate these days US to NZ? The same item on Amazon US goes for under $7 in a two-pack. The link you gave said NZ $83?
a1, Oct 13 2022

       I didn't look at the price. That's ridiculous! Must be a typo, shirley...
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 13 2022

       Enough is ENOUGH! I have HAD it with these mothafuckin snakes in this mothafuckin drain!
21 Quest, Oct 14 2022

       ^Thank you for that [21 Q].
AusCan531, Oct 14 2022

       ^ Somebody had to say it.
a1, Oct 14 2022


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