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Phone Breakfast

The morning after
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Phonesex is on the rise and what better way to reward your foul-mouthed paramour's filthy deviance than by dialling up the next morning for a bit of a cheeky phone-breakfast.
... "I'm taking the bread out of the fridge, and walking slowly to the toaster."
"Oh, I'm grinding my beans. And am thinking of pouring hot, hot water all over them."
"You're sliding your toast into my toast rack."
"I'm buttering my slice of toast, and lifting it up towards my mouth. Oh, a blob of jam has landed on my tie."
"I'm pouring milk on my rice-crispies."
"I'm reading the paper."
"I'm planning my commute to work."
"I'm wondering whether to give Steve from accounts a piece of my mind."
"I'm thinking should I go shopping this evening, or tomorrow night."
"I'm looking at my watch, and standing up to get my jacket."
Sorry about the category, I was hoping for a Culture: Sex: Morning After category or similar.
zen_tom, Dec 31 2004

Virtual Smoke Break. http://www.lottridg...KEBREAK/default.htm
[reensure, Dec 31 2004]


       That'd be one costly breakfast, you might as well eat out.   

       Ring 0981 799799, we have hot, juciy dough-nuts on the line right now, just gagging for someone to eat them whole. Calls cost an incredible amount.
spiritualized, Dec 31 2004

       Phone cigarettes first, surely?
DrCurry, Dec 31 2004


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