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Plasthaptic Motion Sense Shaver

Plasticising-forming haptic accelerometer-assisted shaver
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A shaver is basically a battery or mains power source, a motor, and a set of blades operating through a grille. It’s something most real men use daily the world over, and a lot of women too, in certain parts.

An aspect of shaving is that it works better if you can see where you’re going, by looking in the mirror. This is tediously time-consuming, and prevents you from walking around gaining the illusion that you’re doing more than one thing at once. Shaving without looking in the mirror feels like you’ve done it correctly, but inevitably, when you look in the mirror, there’s areas that could do with attention. It’s almost as if it’s quite easy to spend the allocated time period that constitutes proper shaving, but concentrate all the shaving in odd areas that don’t show up, leaving the obvious visible areas relatively less shaved than they would be if you could see what you’re doing.

This invention is a shaver that has a 9 degrees of freedom set of instrumentation: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyro. Thus, it can tell what actions have occurred and how far they deviate from what constitutes a proper shave for that face. It can also tell despite your moving around from room to room because you’re busy getting ready.

The shaver also has a haptic feedback that pushes your hand in the appropriate directions to ensure a fair coverage. The haptic feedback takes the form of the entire shaver handle, that is softish and capable of what might be termed as “plasticising forming”, in other words, changing shape. So it does the haptic vibrating thing, but also forms into shapes within the hand, to add to the physical feedback, almost acting as a guiding hand that your own hand is holding.

Not to be taken internally — because shaver.

Ian Tindale, May 13 2015


       You will march out the door cleanshaven but no-one will notice because all attention will be on your uncontrolled nose hair insurrection.
bungston, May 13 2015

       Sounds expensive - can you layout the cost shavings?
AusCan531, May 14 2015

       A small quantity of burning butane gas will very effectively remove all facial hair in a fraction of the time required by conventional shaving, be it blade or electric, and is very cost- effective.
8th of 7, May 14 2015

       I do like the sound of the word 'plasthaptic' - also, a quick check of Google confirms that this is the only place on the entire internet to use the word 'plasthaptic'.

I now expect the 'Computer: Teledildonics' category to rapidly fill up with plasthaptic ideas.
hippo, May 14 2015

       Yes, I intentionally invented the word “plasthaptic” to sound a bit like ‘fantastic’.
Ian Tindale, May 14 2015

       Anyone who shaves through a grille shouldn't be surprised when they end up looking like they shaved through a grille.
pocmloc, May 14 2015


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