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Portable computing drop into NK

Air drop thousands of notebooks* capable of playing a few hours of video
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This is a pretty harmless gesture considering the threats made by KJU against Japan etc.

Send some unmanned propeller driven craft to air-drop some cheap notebooks all over NK raising awareness that their leader is actually barking mad. To prove that China and the West is not entirely barking mad, an assortment of food items of equal or much lesser value accompanies each notebook.

* These wouldn't be the kind of single playback use screens given to voters into some US states in the last election, but would actually be capable of transmitting more than one dictatorial face per technology footprint, and internet capable for later use.

bigsleep, Sep 16 2017

https://www.google....grc=Qovmq4KXQJxnKM: Americans carrying out one their mass exterminations. Now days they have other methods like Monsanto, but nothing beats blasting away with shotguns, everything that moves and is not wearing a tie. [xenzag, Sep 16 2017]


       I read today that some military expert claimed we should drop millions of smartphones into the Hermit Kingdom and broadcast to them via satellite WiFi. Show them the outside world much as you're saying but not limited to a single message. South Koreans are already doing that with Thumbdrives containing South Korean TV shows, American movies, etc.
AusCan531, Sep 16 2017

       Most people in the USA have full media/info access, but they still managed to elect a mentally deranged lunatic with the intellectual capacity of a house fly, so I can't see this working in NK either.
xenzag, Sep 16 2017

       But at least they _chose_ to be led by a mentally deranged lunatic with the intellectual capacity of a house fly.   

       The North Koreans didn't choose Kim Jong-Un. Maybe if they had a choice, they'd prove to be capable of using it more wisely than the Americans?
Wrongfellow, Sep 16 2017

       Actually most Americans chose Hilary Clinton, and not the illiterate fruit cake who somehow ended up in the Whitehouse. Rating dangers to global humanity would see America as the bigger threat than NK by a considerable margin, so maybe some means of educating their masses would be a more urgent project, beginning with their house-fly brained president.
xenzag, Sep 16 2017

       Good point.   

       So, we need to find someone who's trying to develop the technology to launch projectiles at the USA.   

       Hmm... perhaps we should start with Guam?
Wrongfellow, Sep 16 2017

       I'd say a simple mechanical drone that looks like a passenger pigeon and could be created in the many millions would do the trick.   

       The Americans would shoot these out of the sky in a repeat of the mass extermination of their original living namesake, but these drones have a secret package - each one delivers a batch of free vouchers for flights to North Korea, with an open invite to meet the great leader in person, and share in his jolliness. In no time at all, most of the population of America is heading to NK, where armies of triumphant cheering children juggling bright red balls await their arrival and begin the process of their education.
xenzag, Sep 16 2017

       I think a more effective and persuasive argument would be to airdrop desktop machines - probably 1990's vintage with 5 1/4" floppy drives. It'd kill the little fuckers stone dead.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 16 2017

       That's a risky strategy - there's a possibility that the price of some mass-market consumer goods, like training shoes, jeans, and medium-yield fusion devices might be driven upwards ...   

       // But at least they _chose_ to be led by a mentally deranged lunatic with the intellectual capacity of a house fly. //   

       ... which was, given the alternative, easily the least worst option.   


       // most Americans chose Hilary Clinton, //   

       You make an excellent case for restricting media access, and indeed voting rights, for the general population ...   

       ... or indeed a systematic cull of same.
8th of 7, Sep 16 2017

       Surely you're not thinking I would agree to the idea of a cull of Americans? Won't they just clog up the drains and make the coyotes and other scavengers grow fat?
xenzag, Sep 16 2017

       No-one is to cull anyone until I blow this whistle! </ompr>
pertinax, Sep 19 2017

       // Won't they just clog up the drains and make the coyotes and other scavengers grow fat? //   

       Not necessarily. It would provide an effective means of addressing the nutritional needs of less advantaged nations.   

       <Obligatory Soylent Green reference/>
8th of 7, Sep 19 2017

       //It'd kill the little fuckers stone dead.//   

       Your aunt Jobiska is worried about your increasingly casual approach to genocide. "That's not how we do things, you know." In the interests of fairness, I did ask "but what about Sturton?" ... but she got that far-away look, and conversation petered out.
pertinax, Sep 19 2017


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