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Pre-structured Forum

You can’t do new. You can only change the old.
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There are lots of online forums which basically follow the architecture of:
•      presenting the subject area this whole thing is about
2:     allowing users to post a, er, post, about a topic
b)     Allowing other users to append content on the end of the post, often relevant to either the post itself or the stuff others have added.

I suggest that a new type of forum be created, in which there are a fixed quantity of posts on a variety of different topics. There are also a fixed amount of added-on content things, dangling on the end of the post. There is no opportunity or means to create new posts or new stuff to hang onto the end. All a user can do is edit what is there. Like CRUD without the C, or the D. There should be enough topics to be getting on with, with enough stuff under each topic to make things look plausible, and the whole system comes complete with pre- filled content in various inclinations.

In actual use, a user can pick a topic that seems similar to what the user would have posted, and edit that topic. Alternatively, they might look at a contribution under that topic and deem that one of those might be a worthy target to edit instead.

One option might be to terminate all topics no matter how long in a fixed entry that mentions Hitler. The overall Hitler pointer can reference a different thing that is the habitual global terminator for all conversations within the entire forum (e.g., SunVox or whatever applies to the topic area elsewhere).

Ian Tindale, Apr 23 2016

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       Eventually we'll be there.
RayfordSteele, Apr 23 2016

       Except for being able to add new stuff, isn't Wikipedia something like this Idea?
Vernon, Apr 23 2016


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