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Q&Q hearing aid reviews

Quantitative & Qualitative - I always get those two mixed up …
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Shop for high end speakers, headphones, or in-ear- monitors and you can find lots of tech data. Amplification and distortion numbers in multiple frequency ranges, details about the type of mechanisms and circuitry used, and so on. Sometimes manufacturers publish all that data themselves, often technical review magazines and websites do comparisons.

If you’re a musician, sound engineer, audiophile, or just a numbers geek, this kind of data is helpful.

Now - search online for comparative hearing aid reviews. Apparently there are only a few metrics: Price, features, warranty and support policies. Some might mention “good for frequencies used in normal speech” but no numbers to say how good, how one model compares to another.

I want numbers!

a1, Oct 03 2021


       I thought Question and Question.   

       Can you hear me?   


       Is this working?   

       Can you speak louder?
pocmloc, Oct 03 2021

       Quality comes before Quantity, otherwise the second Q would be the first one.
pashute, Oct 03 2021


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