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Quick Money Pin

For when you are in a rush
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I find some cash points irritating as they have different layouts to the ones I normally use. This make me have to look at the screen, read what it is saying, press lots of buttons and generally slows down my cash collection.

To speed it up, add an extra PIN to your card that will give out a set amount without asking for any additional options. The amount it gives out can be set when you enter in your regular PIN, along with the standard options.

This would also stop some theft as people would only be able to take out the amount you set. Multiple withdrawals would obviously raise suspicion and (for example) more than two in a row could activate cameras nearby or alert authorities.

miasere, Feb 01 2006


       I doubt that it would prevent theft, as the thief would see which PIN it was.   

       However, it is still a good idea.
dbmag9, Feb 01 2006

       They would see which pin it was, but they would also know they couldnt use it to get a lot of money.
miasere, Feb 01 2006


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