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RC Flying Suit

Realistically control your model aircraft
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Instead of a box with an aerial and joysticks and buttons, a wearable remote control that features accelerometers and gyros on the sleeves, and microphones on the lapels. Now you can run around with your arms outstretched making the noise of an aircraft, like kids do in the playground, or First World War fighter aces do when they go bonkers, and the aircraft will follow suit.
Ian Tindale, Oct 11 2010

Just for the sake of it... http://www.youtube....BJun5ziotfw#t=2m42s
[Jinbish, Oct 11 2010]

And while we’re at it… http://www.youtube....watch?v=Qb1NooludiY
Go to 5:33 [Ian Tindale, Oct 12 2010]


       I do like. I thought of something similar eighty years ago, but your use of the present tense to describe the events of the Great War indicates that your idea must pre-date mine by at least a Cycle of Cathay.
nineteenthly, Oct 11 2010

       I didn’t even know she had a bike.
Ian Tindale, Oct 11 2010

       [+] Nice idea, but //the aircraft will follow suit.//?   

       Not kamikaze-like, following the suit you are wearing, though, right? That would suck. How would you wave it off?
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       My brother built a wearable transmitter to control a humanoid robot which we built for a TV series.   

       The transmitter had an upper body exo-frame with sensors at the major joints (elbows, shoulders etc.) Each sensor controlled the corresponding limb of the robot, causing it to mimic the wearer.   

       This caused some comical scenes when there were a row of roboteers, most of them frantically twiddling joysticks, while my brother flailed about like a man posessed.   

       I'd like to see a piolt performing aerobatics using the flying suit.   

       What happens if the pilot has to scratch his nose?   

Twizz, Oct 11 2010

       Well, to be serious for a moment, nothing would happen. There’s no gestural analogue so it wouldn’t be recognised as a meaningful action. Also, the aircraft probably hasn’t got fully articulated jointed prehensile wings or blades, so it probably wouldn’t physically be able to scratch its nosecone even if it were recognised that the pilot is asking the aircraft to perform that well known aviation manhoover.
Ian Tindale, Oct 11 2010

       //There’s no gestural analogue//   

       Ok - so we can restrict the control movements to those that make sense (!?): Arms outstretched, pilot running around , tilting arms as necessary will indicate various flight controls; arms tucked in, bent at elbows, fisted hands parallel with thumbs sticking up, and vocal command of "Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!" will signify shoot!
Jinbish, Oct 11 2010

       [marked-for-tagline] //Well, to be serious for a moment, nothing would happen//
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       //vocal command of "Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!" //   

       hm...I think at that one, someone might call an ambulance. With a guy running around waving his arms, I would.
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       //someone might call an ambulance//   

       Bogey at nine o'clock! Scramble!
Jinbish, Oct 11 2010

       [Jinbish], please. [IT] is trying to be serious for a moment, to explain the aviation manhoovers.
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       Roger that, [Boomershine].
Jinbish, Oct 11 2010

       Me neither, i'll ask her when she comes out.
nineteenthly, Oct 11 2010

Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       Doesn’t matter, the moment has passed.
Ian Tindale, Oct 11 2010

       To which moment are you referring? A lot have passed recently.
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       The wahooni-shaped one, with the pink fringe.
baconbrain, Oct 11 2010

       Oh, that one. I must have been on the radio with [Jinbish].
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       I'm wondering whether wearing a suit that's in, say, a 120 Stout fitting will result in problems with takeoff and manoeuvring?
infidel, Oct 11 2010

       //....problems with takeoff and manoeuvring?//   

       Let alone manhoovering.
Boomershine, Oct 12 2010

       I'll leave that bit to you and Edgar J.
infidel, Oct 12 2010

Is that like a bloke using a vacuum cleaner?
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 12 2010

       Or a kestrel.
Ian Tindale, Oct 12 2010

       The saying, "You don't fly a Spitfire, you wear it", might be relevant in this context.   

       Be careful about mentioning "manhoovering" in the mess, most of the chaps have a lack of a sense of humour about such things ... although Algy and Biggles might be a bit more understanding, if you know what we mean. Apparently they are Very Good Friends. It comes from all those hours cramped up in a cockpit togther ...
8th of 7, Oct 12 2010

       There must be some kind of equivalent plane maneuver for when I run around with the towel cape...
RayfordSteele, Oct 12 2010

       [Rayford] Supermanhoovering?
Boomershine, Oct 13 2010


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