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RDSP-30's RDSP-30

Humanoid assisted fake competitive pedantry
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There is a type of coworker/pedant in the world called an RDSP-30 which stands for someone who loves to Reluctantly Diagnose and Solve Problems (-30, so you can say it like C3P0). They are programmed to follow this exact routine.

1) First they notice something is wrong. 2) Then they get happy, because now its their time to shine. you can tell by their <sheepish grin> they immediately get 3) Then they loudly tell everyone that there is a problem. "Well, looks like someone forgot to upload the file for the conference" 4). They then show faux bewilderment and ask their peers, to make seem as if to say Im not crazy right?-> e.g. All the files should have uploaded, right? 5) Then they happily fall on their sword. "I guess, Ill upload the file for Mike so the conference organizers arent inconvenienced, I mean the deadline isnt until next week, but we said we'd get it in" 6) Then they solve the problem and belittle the problem creator "Geez, it's not that hard". 7) Then they apologize to the transgressed upon. "Hey looks like we got a file missing sorry about that, Ive uploaded it." 8)They then leave a passive aggressive note so that it will never happen again. "PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR FILES BEFORE YOU LEAVE. THANKS!!!!!

I propose the first realistic humanoids to serve an important role for mankind and act as fake RDSP-30's (the real ones seem to team up). These fake ones then act as a pedantry competitor just between the two, to bring the problem noticing and solving to a whole new level. Absurd things,1) like leaving a paper clip out 2) not clearing your throat during a phone conversation 3) posture 4) or signature post-it note orientation angle.

Until several weeks later, the android and the pedant are like statues, staring at each other, with sheepish grins on their faces, locked a in non-blinking battle of frozen contentment, forever secure in their knowledge that they are and will be correct for all of time.

leinypoo13, Nov 27 2013


       I suspect that I often fall into this category, and it's a symptom of being frustrated at what seems to be institutionalised incompetence multiplied by no one giving a shit.   

       I think a lot of people would think the same way.   

       At some point you get so tired of solving other peoples problems, that you end up being a bit facetious about it, especially for repeated issues. I won't walk past something unsafe or innefficient, whether it's my problem or not. Maybe that's just me.   

       I also don't mind being called out when I stuff up. Again, maybe that's just me.   

       So what are you complaining about?
Custardguts, Nov 28 2013

       the "R" in RDSP is because you know the person whose job it was to do it in the first place will figure he/she can get more mileage out of bitching about you either correcting the problem when they would have certainly got around to it eventually, can't expect everything with the large workload they have or, if you don't do anything, complain that you're not a team player for not walking behind them with a broom and bucket.   

       The proper way to handle it of course is to surreptitiously delete all the files that they did manage to upload then ask about a totally unrelated matter causing them to notice, then volunteer your help to reupload.
FlyingToaster, Nov 28 2013

       If you dont do your job you should be fired, so why enable people who dont do their jobs. I am talking about people who revel in minutiae as a means for control. If everyone did it THEIR way, everything would be perfect. People who actually get happy when someone else screws up.   

       Maybe the example above is bad, I should have included an example where "Mike" takes a risk and RDSP-30 gets happy when Mike fails, because of RDSP-30's own insecurity. But they're closely related.
leinypoo13, Nov 28 2013


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