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RFID Cookware

A container with a chip in it
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A range of cookware with embedded RFID tags which contain basic information such as weight, volume and some material codes.

Ideally the information would be to an international standard but "1kg, 1l, P5" is pretty easy to design around. P5 meaning plastic 5 i.e. polypropylene.

Devices can be sold to go with the cookware e.g. scales that automatically deduct the weight of the container, a microwave that refuses to turn on if a dangerous melty plastic is used etc.

Some kind of programmable tag would be great for figuring out what the strange box of brown stuff is in the freezer. You could even have an app that you could ask your freezer if there is any Chicken Jalfrezi left.

bigsleep, Nov 25 2017


       The conjunction of RFID tags with microwave heating will raise a few technical challenges...
8th of 7, Nov 25 2017

       //microwave heating will raise a few technical challenges//   

       It would be prudent to put the no microwaving text into all tags or it could go into the lid of container.
bigsleep, Nov 25 2017

       //conjunction of RFID tags with microwave heating//   

       1. Interrogate the tag. 2. Close the little metal flap which protects the microwave's RFID antenna. 3. Switch on the magnetron. 4. When done, the user removes the cooked food and throws the packaging in the bin, now-roasted RFID tag and all.
Wrongfellow, Nov 25 2017

       Is it just me, or are things like this usually bad? I mean, you buy all your RFIDd cookware, then 2 years later the RFID standard changes and either the cookware or the microwave becomes redundant. It's like when you buy all these webternet-controlled home appliances, only to find that they're useless two years later because your new phone doesn't support the protocol or - worse - that your freezer automatically orders 4kg of peas every time the guy next door microwaves pasta.   

       I want my gadgets dumb, simple, and not embedded in any kind of network.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 25 2017

       <brings warp drive to full power,switches deflector shields to Emergency Maximum>   

       // dumb, simple, and not embedded in any kind of network. //   

       That's actually why many men get married.   

       <Engages cloaking device, departs at highest possible velocity>
8th of 7, Nov 25 2017

       How is the wife, [8th]?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 25 2017

       I thought instant micorwave meals should have invisible (IR)barcodes or "heat-this-much" halftone areas on them so that the microwave could synchronize rotating dinner area with dose; that way you could have your entree warm and your ice cream cold. There might even be flavor improvements from having a wider variety of things the meals could be made from.
beanangel, Nov 26 2017


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