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RF shielding in paper money

Block the skimmers.
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You can buy wallets with metal-foil inserts to keep ne'er-do-wells from skimming your credit cards or other contactless ID cards. If the money in your wallet had some metallic thread in its weave, it could provide the same level or protection without having to buy a special wallet.

This would require government involvement, so there would have to be a compelling reason for them to switch to a new paper stock and printing process. Maybe it could be presented as a way to reduce in credit card fraud, identify theft, or as an anti- counterfeiting measure.

a1, Jul 02 2021

Not just credit cards https://en.wikipedi...ard#RFID_technology
To prevent theft of information in RFID, in November 2010, 2.5 million radio frequency shielding sleeves were delivered to the DoD, and another roughly 1.7 million more were to be delivered the following January 2011. RAPIDS ID offices worldwide are required to issue a sleeve with every Common Access Card. [a1, Jul 02 2021]

(?) Gold prices https://www.chards....price/1-gram-weekly
[a1, Jul 03 2021]

Bank of England notes security features https://www.bankofe...e-a-closer-look.pdf
[xenzag, Jul 03 2021]


       I like it, and humbly suggest that the metallic thread could be gold worth exactly $1
sninctown, Jul 03 2021

       // gold thread worth exactly $1 //   

       Symbolically pleasing but not practical. Price of gold fluctuates too much <link>. Are you suggesting we return to the gold standard?
a1, Jul 03 2021

       Not the // gold standard //. Actual gold or silver contained in each bill. This is obviously the correct thing to do to from a security perspective and also to control asset price fluctuations.   

       I would also suggest that our use of this website is // not practical // and maybe wrapping oneself in metallic thread would be more practical in many ways.
sninctown, Jul 03 2021

       ooh, kinky
Voice, Jul 03 2021

       + Makes sense! Except for the government involvement part… they seem to screw up everything, of course if they did it right it would be great.
xandram, Jul 03 2021

       Bank of England notes already have embedded metal in the notes - see link, so the technology already exists, but who uses notes these days? Most of Europe is cashless. No one wants bank notes or coins anymore.
xenzag, Jul 03 2021

       // who uses notes these days //   

       Well spotted, [xenzag], that was a hidden joke in the idea. Yesterday I had a rare bundle of cash (on my way to bank it) and thought how strange it was to have ANY paper in my wallet these days - and I posted this idea just after that.   

       And thanks for the link on British bank notes. I knew of the metallic features. In true HB fashion though, I should angrily protest that this is not the same thing at all. MY idea involves metal through the entire weave, enough to block an RF scanner.   

       Hmm… not convincingly angry. I must cultivate a snit.
a1, Jul 03 2021

       You failed in your fit of pique to read the part of my sentence confirming the idea is actually possible "so the technology already exists". You should "angrily protest" that this is not the same thing, and in so doing cause great merriment to all. I recommend loud shouting into the nearest metal tube you can find protruding from the ground, then filling your pockets up with yellow paint, followed by the ascent of a flag pole in a prominent location. Rem to post videos.
xenzag, Jul 03 2021

       Come now, you protested in similar fashion when I pointed to decades of prior art on face masks built into turtlenecks. Completely different by virtue of using a specific kind of fabric.   

       I concede though that you do snotty umbrage far better than I — you’ve clearly had years of practice.
a1, Jul 03 2021

       Artisanal snit-farming - "It's been in the family for generations!"
pertinax, Jul 04 2021

       //you do snotty umbrage far better than I// Said the domestic house rabbit, as his snotty umbrage glistened in the glare of the comfort heat lamps.
xenzag, Jul 04 2021

       That’s certainly an … interesting … remark. Did blissmiss give you some ‘shrooms to sample?
a1, Jul 04 2021

       You could set fire to people's pockets with induction heaters too.
saedi, Jul 08 2021

       You could set fire to people's pockets with induction heaters too.
saedi, Jul 08 2021

       You could set fire to people's pockets with induction heaters too.
saedi, Jul 08 2021

       In triplicate!   

       A three alarm fire.
a1, Jul 08 2021

       Liar, liar... liar, pants on fire.   


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