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Rain-clearing eyewear

Hydrophobic coating plus airflow
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Coat a pair of glasses with a hydrophobic compound. Incorporate air tubing into the temples and frame, and put vents along either side of the nose to blow outward to the sides. Feed the air from a battery operated, pocket-size pump - which may indeed be in your jacket pocket or perhaps a backpack.

When it rains, run the blower to push the water off the lenses, you never have to wipe them.

On some scale I figure this is probably baked. I know hydrophobic coatings on car windshield and motorcycle visors exists and work great to let rain flow off - if you're going faster enough for the wind to do it. At low speeds you still have to use the wipers.

So even if that's baked, I worked my way down to a smaller application until it seemed more silly than practical. If someone links a pair of glasses that already have this feature, I'll take it down a notch to a monocle.

a1, Jun 14 2021

Seems perfectly sensible. https://www.youtube...watch?v=gsM-_6HOBb8
[Skewed, Jun 14 2021]

Rain-x original product https://www.rainx.c...al-glass-treatment/
There are many others, this is first on I ever used [a1, Jun 15 2021]


       I'd be concerned about the intersection of "hydrophobic" and "optical performance". Whether chemical or micro- structured, with the lens so close to your eye, it could be a problem.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 14 2021

       Yes, Optics could be a problem, especially with prescription eyewear. Still better though than rain just hitting your glasses and having to constantly wipe. My first conception of this wasn't even for prescription lenses though, mainly for the protective glasses I wear when cycling. I hate it when it rains!
a1, Jun 14 2021

       //I worked my way down to a smaller application until it seemed more silly than practical//   

       What's silly about it? looks perfectly sensible to me, just like this does <link> but what's wrong with wiper glasses?
Skewed, Jun 14 2021

       Oh. :( if it’s not silly enough I won’t be able to get a grant to develop it.
a1, Jun 14 2021

       So why not a blower for car windows?
pashute, Jun 15 2021

       // why not a blower for car windows //   

       I did think of posting that - it was really my first thought - but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t already exist. Likewise for blower-cleaned motorcycle helmet visors. Aiming for “not likely done before” is what got me to scale it down to eyewear.   

       Memory is an odd thing too. I may or may not be recalling this correctly - but I sort of remember thinking about the exact “blower on windshield” idea decades before HB existed. Inspiration was twofold 1) Watching a blower in a drive-through carwash dry a windshield, and 2) The first time I used “Rain-x” and saw my window would clear itself in the rain, but only if I was driving fast enough.
a1, Jun 15 2021


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