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Rainbow notification app

Get people to look up from their phones
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An app (or feature added to an existing weather app) to pop a notification on screen when there’s a high probability that you could see a rainbow. A hyper-local weather app (like Dark Sky on iOS, don’t know what’s comparable on Android) should have enough information about cloud cover, rain, and sun in your location to make such predictions.

Inspired by a true story: When I left the office this afternoon it was clear and sunny. A few minutes after I boarded my train, clouds rolled in and it started pouring. And I was in just the right spot to look out the window to see a rainbow. Bright, solid looking, almost unreal, like a kid had painted it against the clouds. Then almost as quickly as the clouds had rolled in, they started to break up - and the rainbow persisted for a few minutes even against the bright blue sky exposed between the clouds.

And all the while, those other dopes on the train missed it, staring down at their phones.

a1, Nov 24 2021

Rainbow_20Alert [doctorremulac3, Nov 24 2021]


       Nah. Keep all the special things (like rainbows, sundogs, halos, space station pass-overs, etc) for those of us smart enough to know & look for them. Some of my friends didn't see the lunar eclipse last week (despite perfect viewing conditions here)!
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 24 2021

app pops up with rainbow notification
user swipes to dismiss notification and then texts their "friends": just saw a rainbow it was cool lol
user continues to stare at device and twiddle thumbs to make screen glow and flicker
pocmloc, Nov 24 2021

       I'd go for the opposite notification. " While you were playing with your phone, you missed..." etc.
DrBob, Nov 24 2021

       Are there other pop up options than just rainbow alerts? ie to warn for example the likelihood of walking on dog poo on a particular street on a particular time and day. [morsel+]
xenzag, Nov 24 2021

       <notification ping!> "If you look to your right you will see a cloud shaped like a rabbit"
hippo, Nov 24 2021

       When rainbow notification appears all cellphones in vicinity momentarily seize up, causing users to stop and look around.
whatrock, Nov 24 2021

       You could have shouted *RAINBOW* To get those other dopes to look up from their phones!
xandram, Nov 24 2021

       // You could have shouted *RAINBOW* To get those other dopes to look up from their phones //   

       I did tap the shoulder of the person ahead of me and pointed out the window. But most of the riders have headphones or earbuds these days and speaking or shouting to them is nearly pointless.   

       It’s not like twenty years ago when I could strike up a conversation (or even a sing-along!) with strangers.
a1, Nov 24 2021

       [doctorremulac3] - thanks for the link! Don’t know how I missed yours when I looked for prior art*. Main difference between your suggestion and mine is that mine is predictive based on weather conditions, while yours relies on others spotting one and announcing it.   

* Weird. Yours is second from the top of the list today when I just search HB for “rainbow” and the title is pretty clear. And I swear I looked yesterday and somehow missed it.
a1, Nov 24 2021

       All good. They're different enough.
doctorremulac3, Nov 24 2021

       Could combine your notification idea with mine. In addition to predictions, users could post notifications when they see one. And postings could (should?) include pictures. Might turn it into a game, scored by how many rainbow pictures you post. Players could upvote your good ones to give you more points. To prevent fakers and other kinds of spam, the hosting server would have to check the geocoding and timestamp of the pictures.
a1, Nov 24 2021

       Sure. Kind of a nice idea. People might like it.
doctorremulac3, Nov 24 2021


       Best idea. If you chose not to enjoy this rainbow, chances are you missed the blue heron standing in the river below it, or the incredibly green hills that roll by as you travel. There are differing ways to view this life, this planet, this Universe and sadly so many are failing. Me included at times.
blissmiss, Nov 27 2021


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