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Rate By Emoji

Out with the pointless and flawed five star rating system, in with a meaningful one.
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Five star rating systems, as I've often ranted, are flawed and meaningless. If I experience a product, and it does the job as expected, I should give it a three star rating. Everyone seems to give it a five star rating because it did what it was supposed to. What do they give a thing that went beyond that? Or beyond that?

There is also no point whatsoever in the two star position - it has no use.

Also, what is the one star for? Appalling experience? Really really bad? Terrible? Why give it a star then? Surely if you're awarding a star, that's good? Since when is getting a gold star a bad thing?

I propose taking the same mechanisms of five steps that are inherent in our cultural societal gestalty thing, and changing the graphics to meaningful ones. We have meaningful graphics a plenty now - emoji.

The first position will not be a star - it will be an icon of something really really bad. The second, something only a bit bad. The third should be 'normal' and 'as expected' and 'nothing to complain about' and 'contented, thanks' and 'okay'. This should be the default choice made by anyone other than a moron when something is experienced that was as expected, ie, probably most experiences or transactions.

There should also be an obvious 'went the extra kilometre' for the fourth position, and an even higher maximum calibre emoji for 'in addition to the product arriving well on time and being in perfect condition, they actually sent round five naked sexy people of the sex of one's choice, and a few crates of beer, which was quite unexpectedly pleasing, will buy again from there if this is the treatment they give' (or something like that). I mean, that's what the fifth star should be for, so that's a rarely earned emoji of some appropriate graphic that will, like the other four, fall into common usage and recognition within the contemporary future culture and stuff.

Ian Tindale, Oct 15 2016

CMV: Five-star-ism is converting all ratings to binaries and is making the world worse. https://www.reddit....ing_all_ratings_to/
A CMV thread you would like reading [notexactly, Oct 15 2016]


       I give this idea i*sin t + 3 Sqrt[e^pi/9mod 4] 3-pointed stars.
RayfordSteele, Oct 15 2016


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