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Real-time Statistics on the State of Affairs

Use that meta-data for something useful
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Ever go to research government statistics on something and find all the data is 5 to 10 years old? I propose a government agency that links up data sources throughout the country and prepares up-to-the-minute meta-data that is useful to the public. This data is likely already being collected by the likes of NSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and while those agencies are content to sort through those aspects that best lubricate their throbbing paranoid erections, there is likely lots of data that can be useful for informing voters on the current state of affairs.

This should be very easy to do with today's technology. Statistics in the area of mortality, education, economy, government expenditure, all kinds of stuff, would make for better-informed voting public because as it is, we're kind of steering the country into the future, behind a wheel 5-10 years in the past. This may have been ok when things moved slower, but not today.

Adapt to your country of residence as appropriate.
LimpNotes, Jan 03 2016

Real time national debt clock http://www.usdebtclock.org/
[Voice, Jan 04 2016]

Data.Gov.UK https://data.gov.uk/
A government agency that links up data sources throughout the country and prepares up-to-the-minute meta-data that is useful to the public. Well, sort of. [DrBob, Jan 06 2016]


       What? This isn't about sexual affairs?
Vernon, Jan 04 2016

       It could be. I imagine a website with charts and things. And one of the core features would be the public's ability to petition for the development and monitoring of a new metric. Say "Sexual Affairs" is popular since it has been mentioned. Having this metric defined, the good system-of-system engineers that work behind the scenes determine how to measure this metric given their available intelligence gathering, and provide a result. In this case perhaps by generating algorithms that sort through all those text messages and look for ones that contain sexually oriented language, but are not directed to phone numbers of the known significant other, as determined by marriage records from the county courthouse, or relationship statuses found on Facebook. A result is provided and evaluated for margin of error, and a history can be generated and baselined against known surveys that contain this type of information to create a reliable statistic. So if you want to see how "Sexual Affairs" has increased or decreased over time, you'd have an idea.
LimpNotes, Jan 04 2016

       Brilliant observation [Bigsleep]. I'm sure it's applicable somewhere. Here's a gold star for your paper. Try not to drool on it.
LimpNotes, Jan 05 2016

       I once requested detailed budget figures for a U.S. Senator's official expenses. Although I was talking to the office charged with tracking that, the woman claimed she'd worked there 15 years without looking at the reports.
4and20, Jan 05 2016

       I'm juxtaposed between the belief that the government is extremely efficient and totally has its shit together, and the belief that the government is completely incompetent and unable to coordinate. This idea would assume the former, but I lean toward the later.
LimpNotes, Jan 05 2016

       Nobody's ever explained why zombies supposedly need to eat brains, or why they just don't first eat the brains of species which can't drive away in cars, use chainsaws and/or firearms. Hmm, gives me an idea..
not_morrison_rm, Jan 05 2016

       Governments are large enough to include both extremely efficient parts and Republicans.
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2016

       Their powers combined, BigSteel is born. Ironically, a floppy, elongate, flesh-colored superhero with the noted ability of trying to get a rise but failing. Beware the evil Republican who stands in its way for inching ever forward, the flaccid worm, protected by its phallic semblance, has yet to meet such an evil who would dare touch it. Cursed by their own homophobia, Republicans stand helplessly by as BigSteel summons all of its power and fills the room slightly with distinct aroma of douche. Triumphant once again, BigSteel may retreat to the Sheath of Solitude in it's mother's sock drawer until the next evil menace shows.
LimpNotes, Jan 06 2016

       And having had his latest masterpiece discovered by folks at Hallmark, Limpnotes lands a highly-lucrative career in the tiny but sought-after creative insults department of the greeting card giant.
RayfordSteele, Jan 06 2016

       //Real-time Statistics on the State of Affairs//   

       How about a printed sign that reads "Worse than yesterday"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 06 2016

       I understand the Ministry of Information had this down to a science.
RayfordSteele, Jan 07 2016


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