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Recycle Mask Material

As cleaning wipes
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I found out quite by accident that the material in common disposable facemasks works pretty well for wiping fingerprints off of cellphone, tablet, and computer touch screens.

I propose taking all unused, remaindered stock and turn them into cleaning wipes. They'll STILL end up in the Pacific Garbage Patch ... eventually .. just not as soon.

a1, May 28 2021

What will mask makers do now? https://www.bbc.com...s/newsbeat-57737666
[a1, Jul 18 2021]

Another possibility https://www.gocomic...setohome/2021/07/24
[a1, Jul 24 2021]

FAQ about masks, materials https://makermask.org/faq/
Includes notes on cleaning and recycling. [a1, Aug 10 2021]


       Is there any mileage in rendering as much oil as possible into plastics, and shipping it straight to the Pacific and dumping it there into the garbage patch, as a kind of anti-global-warming carbon capture?
pocmloc, May 29 2021

       Not by using oil. If you collect CO2 from the atmosphere and turn THAT into plastic, then you're on to something.
neutrinos_shadow, May 31 2021

       I'd suggest holding on to those babies till after the flu season next winter has come and gone. I'm fully prepared to use mine then if it's particularly nasty. The reduction in the cases of influenza basically made it non-existent last year because of masks and social distancing.
blissmiss, May 31 2021

       Probably better than having mask burning protests put on by those who refused to get vaccinated and believe it's all a hoax, to mimic historic book-burnings, bra-burnings, Beatles album burnings, etc.
whatrock, Jul 18 2021

       Air conditioning filters. Takes about dozen but they stop dust pretty well.
a1, Aug 10 2021

       I left one of those disposable blue masks in a pocket when I washed some clothes. It came out of the wash absolutely fine, but clean - so maybe the answer is to save resources by reusing these masks a few times
hippo, Aug 10 2021

       [hippo] the question becomes, upon washing, do they maintain both their filtration ability and their breathability? Depending on the material, you are depending on material properties whose damage would not be readily apparent. That's not one I know the answer to, but it is a concern.
MechE, Aug 10 2021

       [MechE] indeed - it looked at good as new, but I couldn’t tell if its filtration properties were diminished
hippo, Aug 10 2021

       Multiple sources online say masks made from spun- bond nonwoven polypropylene can be washed and reused (by the same individual, hopefully). I think the fiber would get a bit pilled and fuzzy after a while though.   

       I have zillions of those (employer sent a huge box last year) and almost never use them except for some of the uses described in prior annos. I have a couple of cotton cloth masks that are more comfortable.
a1, Aug 10 2021

       Reduce, reuse, recycle. Each step to the right uses an immensely larger percentage of resources. By the time you get to "recycle" it's often better to just toss it and make a new one. [+]
Voice, Aug 11 2021


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