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Reference Standard Environment Set

Real, too real
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There requires to be a reference standard environment set — rural / urban; seaside / mountain; warm climate / normal. This would not be modelled after any specific place that anybody actually lives in, but is generic and average enough to use as a standard. It would include reference standard sightseeing, famous locations, notable buildings, natural features, that all seem like somewhere you remember and have heard of but never actually visited. Stories, adverts and media products could be set in these reference standard environments.

Postcards from notable reference standard seaside villages and hillside hamlets would increase the familiarity and people could send such postcards more for the quaintness of sending a slab of paper with a stamp attached to it, than what’s actually on it.

Despite being totally virtual, this could be progressed into reality in several ways. Using such environments as virtual background in films and television would promote familiarity. Building the actual locations out in space on a nearby planet would offer the opportunity to cheaply leave a set already hanging (well, when I say “set”, the real thing really) (well, when I say “cheaply”, I mean relatively, if you start off with all the money it requires).

Those countries that make imitation towns and villages might find they’ve inadvertently made real a reference standard town — which might be handy, although all of the familiarity would funnel into that new creation, which kind of stymies the point really, so people should look on disapprovingly.

Ian Tindale, Mar 21 2016


       Milton Keynes
pocmloc, Mar 22 2016

       That reminds me…
Ian Tindale, Mar 28 2016


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