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Reincarnation Chess

Old pieces reborn
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When a piece is captured it is placed back on the board in its original position as soon as that square is unoccupied. If another piece is on the original position at the moment of capture, the captured piece waits in Limbo until its rebirth position is open again.

All pieces may be reborn, even the King. This changes the rules of checkmate: In this variant the King may potentially be captured but not held in Limbo. Checkmate only occurs when there is no way to defend the King’s current position, and his original square is either occupied or under attack.

There thousands of chess variants so this version or something very much like it might exist. Anyone know for sure?

a1, Sep 28 2022

Kings Reincarnation https://www.chessva...kings-reincarnation
[a1, Sep 28 2022]

Bughouse Chess https://en.m.wikipe...wiki/Bughouse_chess
Good fun [sninctown, Sep 29 2022]


       I don't know for sure, and I doubt anyone could - I mean, how would you ever know if it were conceived of, and played by a few people off-internet, if it were then rejected as bad and discarded?
But I think you could get a reasonable approximation to it as a viable game by looking through chessvariants.com thoroughly.
Loris, Sep 28 2022

       I did find a "Kings Reincarnation" variant (linked) but it's not quite what I had in mind. Still searching.
a1, Sep 28 2022

       For a more extreme version of this, the piece is replaced by a duplicate in its original position whenever that original position is vacant (except pawns because that would be silly, they only get replaced when taken). The pieces proliferate like mad (including the kings). Victory is achieved by eliminating all of the opponent's kings.
pocmloc, Sep 28 2022

       Have you tried playing it as a game?
With your stated rules, it seems like the game might be a bit protracted. To win you need to simultaneously blockade the king's square and checkmate the king. Given that square is in an easily defensible area, that seems like a big ask; any piece except one of the bishops (and the king itself) can position to clear the king's square in two moves, this can't be blocked except by repeatedly taking them, and it won't be easy to disperse them all since they respawn in the vicinity.
If there's a time limit, I would imagine most games would run out the clock, so with even mid-level play, both players will be frantically making moves as fast as possible.

       What happens if you're in check but the king's square is free - are you obligated to act to save the king, or can you rely on 'succession'?   

       And what happens to pawns when they're captured? (In chess terminology, pawns are not 'pieces'). So are they gone, or, if you do get them back, are they interchangeable?
Loris, Sep 28 2022

       [Loris] ... my replies, in reverse order from which you posed your comments:   

       I would treat pawns as individual unique pieces. So for example, the white queen's pawn is ever thus, and can only be reincarnated to that original square.   

       A king in check if his square is free does not need to be saved, reincarnation is his escape clause.   

       I agree the games would get protracted but hadn't thought about enforcing time limits.   

       No, I haven't tried playing it myself or even working out all of the other details that might be need changing from this initial half-baked idea.
a1, Sep 28 2022


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