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Remains to be seen*

Closed casket? Open casket? Fuggedaboudit!
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A non-traditional funeral viewing, wherein the corpse is arranged on the floor, made up to convincingly appear as if they was whacked, regardless of how they actually met their demise. At the end of the viewing, the corpse is removed in a body bag and a chalk outline is left on the floor.

Will require additional training for morticians more accustomed to trying to make them look “peaceful” and “life like” as in a traditional viewing.

*Idea name subject to change - suggestions?

a1, Dec 25 2021

[Sgt Teacup] baked https://www.youtube...watch?v=S5Cun2afm3U
[pashute, Dec 29 2021]

Texas police stage murder https://abcnews.go....e/story?id=54092867
[4and20, Jan 12 2022]

Gunther_von_Hagens https://en.wikipedi.../Gunther_von_Hagens
Thanks, Skewed! [a1, Jan 13 2022]


       No, I think the name is witty enough.
On that note, who are you & what have you done with the real [a1]?
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 26 2021

       Thank you. Step-daughter came up with the title, I’ll let her know you approve. The idea itself is mine though, fallout from a discussion where my wife said she thought open casket funerals were strange. I felt compelled to offer an alternative.
a1, Dec 26 2021

       for a great half-baked idea, I am leaving an outline of a croissant! +
xandram, Dec 26 2021

       Alternate option: sat up in a favourite easy chair, à la Weekend At Bernie's, with funeral home employees as 'friends and family' gamely convincing mourners that the deceased is not.   

       Le bun [+]
Sgt Teacup, Dec 26 2021

       + and no tate.
pashute, Dec 29 2021

       ooh, can we stage a murder mystery funeral?
Voice, Dec 30 2021

       STAGE one? Amateur.
a1, Dec 30 2021

       [-] I initially read with the title with the preconception of realistic staging, see how they died, but alas disappointed.   

       No one is facing reality. It is just a cleansed, sterilized falsity. This is idea just a side step of what is needed. Amplify the true resonance of the death..   

       Though, occasionally, chalk lines will be honest.
wjt, Dec 31 2021

       Several families of the recently perished could team up for a collective event - with the deceased participants artfully posed sitting around a table, taking tea and cucumber sandwiches.
Frankx, Jan 12 2022

       In Texas, the police learned of a murder contract put out by a woman against her ex-husband. So with the ex-husband's help, they staged a bloody crime scene and "dead" body, then arrested the woman for paying out when the photos were presented as proof of his "murder".
4and20, Jan 12 2022

       [4and20] that’s a great story and I’d like more details on it. Was it recent?   

       Reminds me (inversely) of a woman who made it look like her ex-husband had murdered her. It was a TV episode of McMillan & Wife back in the 1970's, so believability wasn't a factor.   

       Edit: Wikipedia is wonderful. I could only remember those vague details but it took less than a minute to find that was season 2, episode 3, aired Nov 19, 1972.
a1, Jan 12 2022

       Title made me think of Gunther von Hagens exhibits
Skewed, Jan 13 2022


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