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Restaurant Delivery Comparison App

Pick the best option in overlapping service areas
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It's Friday. We're not cooking tonight, we're gonna order dinner for delivery. Many restaurants are covered by multiple services (GrubHub, DoorDash, PostMates, UberEats) but prices and times constantly vary between services. And each offers coupons and other deals that constantly change.

So it's hard to know who has the best deal at any given moment.

The RDCA would present a consistent front end just showing me restaurants and menus. Once I make my selections, it would log on to my account with each services and enter my order - but not complete any of them. It would only go as far as getting total prices and estimated delivery times. Then it would show me and let me pick who to order from.

Does this already exist?

a1, Jun 11 2021


       The CARD will set up a competing service, with special offers for regular users, teaser introductory pricing, and *guaranteed* fastest updates in the sector.   

       Meanwhile, my new ACRD offers a *premium* subscription service, for a £1.99 monthly fee we *guarantee* that you will save at least that on *up to 90% of your orders*
pocmloc, Jun 11 2021

       Also, the new DirectDelivery service is *exclusive* to our app members, we *do not add our delivery and pricing options* to any of the various aggregating apps, you will only get our *market beating* prices and services on our own app.
pocmloc, Jun 11 2021

       The RDCA would avoid being spotted as an aggregator by behaving in an almost human manner while placing an order. I might want (looking at the menu from the nearest sushi place right now) "Nabeyaki Noodle with Inari" and mark that as my real selection. But when logged in to the delivery service, the app might put that item in my order, take it out, put something else in, then put my original choice back in. It could similarly vacillate (or artificially vacillate, as AI's are wont to do) about side dishes or deciding which credit card to use.   

       A reasonable Turing Test. Can a program be as annoyingly indecisive as a real person - and thereby convincingly imitate one?
a1, Jun 11 2021

       // How about choosing a local employee-owned restaurant and calling them directly like it's the 1990s //   

       Indeed, all of the spots I typically order from are locally owned, no franchises. However, none of these employ their own drivers, instead they rely on delivery services. As I don't have a car, opting for pickup limits my choices to the very few within walking distance.   

       Even the favorite one within walking distance doesn't accept takeout orders over the phone - I can order for pickup, but still have to go online to do so.
a1, Jun 11 2021

       I just want a delivery service that requires no app, credit card, phone number, or verification. They would just show up with food and take my cash. My local Dominoes refuses to serve me because I wouldn't give my real full name. Because millions of other people give up their privacy for a $10 coupon or just as the cost of doing business no businesses are willing to serve the relatively small demographic that demands privacy.   

       Theoretically capitalism serves all niches. In reality it costs less to just serve the majority demand, and the cost of entry is too high for it to be worthwhile for small businesses to fill most niches.
Voice, Jun 12 2021

       // a delivery service that requires no app, credit card, phone number, or verification. They would just show up with food and take my cash //   

       You still have to give them your address though. Unless you arrange a dead-drop, but then your pizza might get cold.
a1, Jun 12 2021

A friend of mine who used to live some distance "out of town" would arrange to meet the pizza deliverer halfway (generally, IIRC, at a parking area on the side of the motorway).
I was OK with doing similar things when I WAS a pizza deliverer, but never needed to.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 13 2021


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