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Ringtone Singles Chart

Remove CD singles and replace with ringtones
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According to the record industry singles are dead. People are spending more money on albums but arent buying singles.


Ring tones sales are huge and growing. My idea is that instead of having CD singles you release the ringtone.

The mobile phones would have to be made so that they can play actual music - phones have been made that do this.

People pay online and get sent the song into their phone and play it to all their friends, until they get bored of it and download another one. These downloads are recorded as the singles chart.

Record industry saved, mobile phones less beepy and annoying, and that song that everyone hears once and likes but then decides they hate only last a few hours because people hear it so much.

The last advantage would be that songs would have to be made with fantastic intros.

miasere, Apr 07 2004

Proof http://story.news.y...edia_music_sales_dc
The IFPI agrees with me [miasere, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Given the state of modern pap muzak, I really wouldn't want it foisted upon me more than it is already, thanks.
saker, Apr 07 2004

       Most pap is bought by young people who normally have annoying ring tones anyway. Unless you spend time with young girls who love Christina (in which case I wouldnt admit it online - theyre probably watching us...) You should get away with it. You could however learn more about your boss if he has Iron Maiden on his phone.
miasere, Apr 07 2004

       I'd learn more if it was 667 - Neighbour of the Beast.
saker, Apr 07 2004

       I think that the ringtone chart would mirror fairly closely the radio airplay charts.
calum, Apr 07 2004

       ...and so it has come to pass, with the crazy frog and farting monkeys..
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 06 2005


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