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Robot floor sweeper that doesn’t suck

Not a joke - do these already exist?
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Before vacuum cleaners came floor sweepers, Bissell being oldest extant examples. Well made ones work fine on hard floors and low-pile carpet. So why not motorize and add semi-autonomous guidance, a la Roomba and Neato? A floor sweeper is a lot simpler than a vacuum cleaner so this could be quieter and cheaper.

I think these must exist but the prevalence of robotic vacuum cleaners floods the search results. But if there really is nonesuch available, it might be worth a Kickstarter project.

kdf, Jul 11 2020

Sweepers https://floorcritic...st-carpet-sweepers/
Some motorized but none autonomous [kdf, Jul 11 2020]

M-O https://images.app....l/UcVa9ykRrckqjzqC8
[RayfordSteele, Jul 11 2020]

(?) HDHVS - it looks like there are no good matches for your search https://www.google....ch?q=netlingo+hdhvs
[pashute, Jul 15 2020]

for [pashute] Helicopter_20Dishwa..._20Vacuum_20Cleaner
HDHVc + S(sweeper). It's always hard to know if to look deep or shallow. [wjt, Jul 16 2020]

Mocoro Mini Sweeping Robot https://www.youtube...watch?v=h5QzxaPtnQc
[kdf, Jul 16 2020]


       There's always M-O.
RayfordSteele, Jul 11 2020

       We always had a Ewbank cleaner. Everyone did at one time in the UK. I see no reason why they couldn't be automated and let loose. [+]
xenzag, Jul 11 2020

       So [nineteenthly]'s HDHVS?
wjt, Jul 12 2020

       No, a little less elaborate.
kdf, Jul 12 2020

       But is fanning sweeping allowed?
wjt, Jul 13 2020

       Sorry, no ... Just brushes against the floor to sweep debris into a catch tray.
kdf, Jul 13 2020

       “I think these must exist” but I still haven’t found examples online. Anyone else?
kdf, Jul 14 2020

       I'm thinking I wouldn't have to sweep up the kitty litter every day that gets kicked out of the box. Frisco likes to act like he's hiking a football in there. It could work and be quite useful for us cat lovers. (if that isn't an 8th bait I don't know what is.)
blissmiss, Jul 14 2020

       What's the verdict? Where's the ks? When can we have a robotic floor and carpet cleaner that doesn't suck.   

       By the way, years ago there was a ball that rolled randomly around inside a ring with wiping paper that picked up the dust without any machinery. I have it somewhere in my workroom.
pashute, Jul 15 2020

       Pashute, I haven’t found any similar product and haven’t myself started prospecting for kickstarter collaborators. Making some local inquiries to see if anyone in my circle of acquaintances is interested.   

       The rolling ball/ring/wiper combination ... did it have a product name? I’d like to see how it worked.
kdf, Jul 15 2020

       Pashute - is the Mocoro Mini Sweeping Robot (link) what you meant?
kdf, Jul 16 2020

       As I child, we used to run around the block pushing one through the leaves. Admittedly a challenging test run, but you wouldn't believe how clogged and ineffective they become without some sucking or mulching feature.
4and20, Jul 16 2020

       “...run around the block pushing one through the leaves ... clogged and ineffective they become...”

       Pick the right tool for the job. Bissell or Ewbank for floor sweeping inside, Agri-fab or Black & Decker for leaf sweeping outside.
kdf, Jul 17 2020

       I just bought a motorized Bissell floor sweeper. Not just to *use* but also to see how much it would need to be semi- autonomous. This model you still have push around but the sweeper/beater brush is battery powered. So - it would need independent motors for the wheels, a guidance system, and a charging dock. Doesn't seem like a lot, but I don't know if anyone could bring it to market at a competitive price. The sweeper I bought was around $35, low-end "robotic vacuums" start at just over $100. Pretty narrow range to fit a non-sucky robotic sweeper.
kdf, Aug 14 2020


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