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Rodent Repellent

Go play somewhere else.
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A device in similar form to a Blink original indoor or XT camera (link), with the addition of a loud noise maker. Multiple sounds* available - yelling, stomping feet, slamming doors, a cat yowling, etc. Retaining all features of the security camera, it can also get a time-stamped picture of the rodent (hopefully running away), along with notifications so you know its working.

*NOT ultrasound, those things don't work. And not a constant noise, animals get used to those. Needs to be sudden and loud to startle them. For outdoor use only...

kdf, Jul 06 2020

Blink cameras https://blinkforhome.com/
[kdf, Jul 06 2020]


       One real problem with this (apart from whether or not it would really work) would be annoying non-target species - including people.
kdf, Jul 07 2020


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