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Roll-up plastic faceshield

Solves a minor storage problem
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Some people wear clear plastic faceshields in lieu of fabric or paper masks. Good for less restricted breathing, keeps you from touching your face. Also helpful if you work with the hearing impaired, so they can read your lips. But a face shield is kinda bulky - where do you keep it when you're NOT wearing it?

Most are pre-shaped into a curve, or shipped flat and can be bent enough to fit around your face. In either case they're not much more flexible than that. I'd suggest making them of an even thinner plastic so they can be rolled into a skinny tube for storage and held in that shape with the headband. If you ever need to carry it around when you're not wearing it, you could hang it from your belt (reminds me of 20th century slide rule cases).

The trick would be finding just the right thickness and flexibility.

kdf, Jul 23 2020

Possibly could be repurposed https://www.amazon....47710/dp/B00006IESI
A clear plastic report cover, and maybe some rubber bands. [kdf, Jul 23 2020]

This shape could probably be made collapsible. https://www.google....mgrc=-DJ0shZ9RoLdfM
[pertinax, Jul 24 2020]


       Sure, why not?
doctorremulac3, Jul 23 2020

       Could flip up instead?
pocmloc, Jul 23 2020

       What about a venetian-blind type design, that can be pulled up into a thin, flat bar ?
8th of 7, Jul 23 2020

       Flipping it up gets it off your face for the time being, but you're still wearing it. Probably good for some situations (eating, drinking, going from place to place where a shield isn't needed) but not what I was going for here (e.g., stowing it when you're NOT wearing it.   

       Not sure how the Venetian blind thing would work as a face shield. Needs to be solid enough to divert air flow. A simple folding thing without slats might be hard to see through, depends where the creases are.
kdf, Jul 23 2020

       It could be made like a top hat, with the "shield" part able to "concertina" up under the brim when not in use, and providing all-round protection when deployed.   

       Hook-and-loop fastening could stick the lower rim of the screen to the user's upper garments when in use.
8th of 7, Jul 23 2020

       "Like a top hat / concertina" ... might work and not look any sillier than current implementations. Still not sure how you manage visibility through the creases.
kdf, Jul 23 2020

       Nice [+]   

       Tinted Venetians? Might have a sunglasses thing there.
whatrock, Jul 23 2020

       So roll it up scroll style, hmmm. I like.
blissmiss, Jul 23 2020


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